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Dr. Devang Vinaykant Shah DMD, Dentist

Dr. Devang Vinaykant Shah DMD

Dentist | General Practice

1325 Auburn Road Dacula GA, 30019



Dr. Devang Shah is a Dentist practicing in Dacula, GA. Dr. Shah specializes in preventing, diagnosing, and treating diseases and conditions associated with the mouth and overall dental health. Dentists are trained to carry out such treatment as professional cleaning, restorative, prosthodontic, and endodontic procedures, and performing examinations, among many others.

Education and Training

Tufts DMD 2006

Government Dental College & Hospital Ahmedabad, India BDS 2000

Stoney Brook University of New York Certification of Dental Implant Externship 2017

Provider Details

Male English, Spanish, Hindi
Dr. Devang Vinaykant Shah DMD
Dr. Devang Vinaykant Shah DMD's Expert Contributions
  • Front tooth cavity

    Hello, Without an xray and an exam it is difficult to determine but just based on what you are describing there is a very high chance that the extent of the existing filling is too large and may warrant for a more indirect restoration like a veneer or a crown. Also the occlusion (Bite) needs to be checked and adjusted as necessary. Hope this helps. Best Devang Shah, DMD READ MORE

  • Brushing too hard?

    The electric tooth brush is usually better than conventional, if used correctly. However if correctly used, the manual tooth brush shall be equally effective as well with appropriate brushing techniques. Regarding the wear on teeth and gum receding, there are multiple reasons including tooth brushing heavily, hard bristle brushing, occlusion problems, bite related issues, thin gum tissues, positioning of teeth in the arch, crowding and more. Your treating dentist shall evaluate and give you more appropriate reasoning for the situation you may have. READ MORE

  • How can I stop pushing on my front teeth when I swallow?

    Hello Your condition is called tongue thrusting. Many people do it involuntarily. You cannot stop by yourself but many a times the treating orthodontist can make appliances or your general dentist can place some special struts on the teeth that are slightly sharp and remind your tongue to not be in position between teeth. Your dentist shall be able to better design and suggest more appropriate option. Hope this helps. READ MORE

  • How often to use mouth wash?

    If you have been on a moderate to high caries risk and if you have been recommended to use fluoride mouth rinses, then it is usually better to use it at least twice daily. Your dentist can make more custom recommendations based on the examination and results of thorough examination and treatment plan. READ MORE

  • Do dentists offer services to the uninsured?

    Most of the dentists do offer in-house or third party payment plan options. Also, many of them offer specials and promotions for patients who do not have insurances. We definitely have these offerings at our offices. READ MORE

  • Clicking in my jaw

    Yes. Based on what you described, you seem to have signs of what is called TMD ( Temporo Mandibular Disorder). You should see an oral surgeon or more preferably a TMD specialist. The longer you take to get treatment shall increase the extent of the treatment. If you are seeing an oral surgeon, please make sure that he or she is comfortable handling your TMD situation. Hope this helps. Best Devang Shah DMD READ MORE

  • I don't understand how I got Periodontal disease

    Hello Periodontal disease has several causes including genetic predilection. It could be any or more of the following common causes that may lead to periodontal disease. I am enumerating more common causes and potential remedies for them below. - Poor oral hygiene lack of home care like brushing twice and flossing atleast once daily ( try to brush twice and floss twice daily) , - improper brushing, improper tooth brush selection and improper brushing technique used, ( try to use soft bristle tooth brush, small headed tooth brush, modified bass technique of brushing or other dentist recommended technique of brushing), use sonicaire or similar tooth brush - which kind of floss you use ( try to use unwaxed floss if you have all natural teeth and less restorations in mouth, and try to use waxed floss if you have more restorations and multiple veneers , crowns in mouth) - malocclusion or crowded teeth that makes things difficult to perform optimal oral hygiene, ( straighten the teeth with orthodontics or invisalign or braces) - areas of mouth that lodges food debris and dofficult to clean or access ( try to get 3 to 6monthly professional dental hygene visits to make sure everything is checked and cleaned more frequently if you have higher risk of developing periodontal disease. - certain medical conditions make it more susceptible or rapid development of periodontal disease like diabetes or other organic disease. Also there are several studies that shows direct correlation between periodontal disease and heart conditions, and other general health related situations. There are a lot of other potential reasons that can lead to periodontal disease and that needs to be evaluated for reasons affecting you and your family. In your case please have yourself evaluated from a dentist or periodontist as to why you have periodontal disease and follow the recommended treatment to help preserve the gums and teeth at an earlier stage. Hope this helps. Best Devang Shah DMD READ MORE

  • Biting down on side of cheek when eating

    Hi A very common cause of situation of what you are describing shall be teeth shifting or whether the teeth in the back have been moved orthodontically or due to relapse such that you started to develop such situation. Usually some tooth adjustments and bite or occlusal adjustments shall help from your dentist. It may not be complete resoution unless the teeth are moved back to appropriate position. Try to talk tp your orthodontist and he or she may be able to help with the situation. Hope this helps. Best Devang Shah DMD. READ MORE

  • I can't fix my teeth sensitivity. What do I do?

    Hello Why do you have sensitivity? Just so you know it could be possibly due to caries( cavities) , enamel attrition/ abrasion or enamel loss due aggressive tooth brush or clenching or grinding; , chemical / citric acidic substance usage, bulimia or occlusal or bite problems or roots exposed due to gum recession or tooth trauma or combination of issues. Depending on what the reason is for your sensitivity the remedies go accordingly. 1. If the reason is for cavities then u need to take care of the cavities. 2. If the reason is for enamel loss due to tooth brush abrasion or mechanical trauma to enamel then you need to use soft bristle toothbrush and use anti sensitivity tooth paste like sensodyne or colgate sensitive. They also make anti sensitivity mouth rinses as well over the counter from many manufacturers. 3. If the sensitivity is due to bite or occlusal related problems or something then you need to have your bite adjusted and then continued usage of anti sensitivity agents described above shall be helpful. 4. If the sensitivity is due to gum recession, abfraction lesion then you may need to have gum lifting or grafting procedures to cover the gums or else may need sometimes bondings ( similar to fillings) and bite adjustments and anti sensitivity agents shall be helpful. 5. If they are from bulimia then you may need full coverage restorations like crowns or veneers along with anti sensitivity agents. Your dentist shall be able to diagnose the reason snd make appropriate recommendatons for you. Hope this helps. Best Devang Shah, DMD READ MORE

  • Very swollen and red gums after routine dental cleaning

    There are certain things not clear, without more information and things are not clear so couldn't answer specifically. Please read below. When was your last Cleaning done? Were you told that you had any gum disease (periodontal disease)? Assuming that you had been having healthy gums and are going on regular/routine 6 months hygiene recall visits, if you had a "prophylaxis" aka regular cleaning and based on the symptoms you describe, it could be usually due to aggressive usage of hand instruments or ultrasonic scalers. Many times, they have to be done if the treating dentist or hygienist has noticed any calculus aka tartar below the gum line that they had attempted to remove by possibly being aggressive. The other possibility is that the amount of tartar below the gum line has been more extensive and they were only able to remove part of it, then the tissues shrink leaving a trap of leftover tartar under the gum line, which may lead to the situation described by you. If this is the case, then you may need a possible gum treatment if you are diagnosed for periodontal disease. If you did not have any tartar issues and if still you had this situation, then it just describes overzealous usage of hand and ultrasonic instruments. If this is the case, then you may use some chlorhexidine mouthwash 0.12% 15 ml, 3 to 4 times a day and continue normal brushing and flossing and follow up with your dentist or hygienist, if it persists. Alternatively, you may use warm salt water rinses 3 to 4 times a day as well. Hope this helps and you feel better. READ MORE

Areas of expertise and specialization

Family Dentistry seeing adults and kids Cosmetic dentistry smile make overs with veneers, crowns , dentures or combination of treatment Comprehensive dental treatment planning and execution Dental Implants from single tooth to implant bridges , full mouth reconstruction Tooth colored fillings, Periodontal nin surgical and minor gum surgery including gum lift procedures Oral surgeries including wisdom teeth removal to advanced Bone and soft tissue grafting procedures. Dental implant and full mouth reconstruction using 3D CBCT scan planning Whitening Crowns and bridges Cosmetic Braces Six month smiles braces Invisalign orthodontic and cosmetic dental treatment Root canal treatment of front teeth and molar teeth Lumineers - Veneers Snap on smile cosmetic enhancement Removable and Fixed dentures

Professional Memberships

  • American Dental Association
  • American Association of cosmetic dentistry AACD
  • Georgia Dental Association GDA
  • Northern District Dental Society NDDS
  • Indian Dental Association

Accepted Insurance

+ See all 42 Insurance

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