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Dr. Michael Irving Farr D.M.D., Dentist
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Dr. Michael Irving Farr D.M.D.

Dentist | General Practice

118 Barrington Commons Ct Suite 201 Barrington IL, 60010


Dr. Farr grew up around Chicago and received his Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences with a minor in Chemistry from the University of Illinois at Chicago. From there he went to Temple University ...

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Dr. Michael Irving Farr D.M.D.
Dr. Michael Irving Farr D.M.D.'s Expert Contributions
  • What is the cheapest way to fix crooked teeth?

    You must be careful when looking for the cheapest way to solve a problem. Oftentimes that is not the best way. If you want to do something that is inexpensive and reversible, I suggest you try a Snap-On smile. This is a removable overlay that goes over your existing teeth. The best way to fix crooked teeth is to braces. First, you should have a dental examination and necessary x-rays to rule out the disease. Crowns and veneers are very expensive and cause irreversible changes to the teeth. Composite bonding might be a consideration. But again, you will spend some money having this done, and the changes may be irreversible. Don't cut corners when it comes to your teeth. READ MORE

  • How can I fix an overbite?

    See an orthodontist and do braces. READ MORE

  • What is a good treatment for gingivitis?

    Hi, Brush and floss your teeth daily and see a dentist for a proper cleaning and examination. Best, Dr. Farr READ MORE

  • Can you eat whatever you want with veneers?

    You have to be careful what you eat when you have veneers. Veneers are coverings placed on the outside of your teeth and are bonded to them. This bond strength has a limit that can be exceeded, causing veneers to separate and come off the teeth. READ MORE

  • Can dentures be permanently fixed?

    Hi, Yes, dentures can be fixed. If you have enough bone, you can get dental implants to make dentures nonremovable. READ MORE

  • What are the options for a missing front tooth?

    Hi, Your options are: 1) Dental Implant 2) Fixed bridge 3) Removable partial denture Which option you go with depends on several factors. You need enough bone to get a dental implant. Your medical history and oral health status will also play a role in whether you can get a dental implant. The health of the neighboring teeth will determine if a fixed bridge is an option. The cost will also be a factor. You should seek dental consultation to evaluate whether you are a candidate for these options and discuss the cost. Hope this helps. Best, Dr. Farr READ MORE

  • Can you get a root canal with braces?

    Yes you can. Just make sure to notify the orthodontist. READ MORE

  • Do they give anesthesia a for permanent crown?

    Usually anesthesia is given for a crown procedure. READ MORE

  • What happens if a toddler has a cavity?

    Hi, You should take your toddler to a dentist and get the cavity fixed. Some dentists treat children. However, sometimes the treatment is best handled by a pedodontist (pediatric dentist) if the toddler is uncooperative or unable to sit still in the chair for the procedure. READ MORE

  • Can I use mouthwash after a cavity filling?

    Yes you can. READ MORE

  • Do swollen gums go away on their own?

    Hi, No they do not. Seek dental care. READ MORE

  • Do they take X-rays for cavities?

    X-rays are a necessary diagnostic tool to assess the presence and extent of cavities. So to answer your question, yes. READ MORE

  • What is the best option to fix a gap between front teeth?

    There are several options, depending on the size and reason for the space. The first option is braces. While this takes time, it is the least invasive. The next option might be to do some cosmetic bonding to the teeth. This will make the teeth look larger, but is a cost-effective option. Then there are veneers and/or crowns. This option can produce the best esthetic results (outside of braces), but will be the most costly and will have to be repeated every 10-15 years. You should consult with a dentist to have a proper evaluation of your mouth, teeth and gums, and determine which one of these options would suit you. Hope this helps. READ MORE

  • Does placing crowns on implants hurt?

    Hi, If your gum tissue has been properly managed during the implant placement and healing process, taking an impression and placing the crown should not hurt. If the implant is buried and needs to be exposed, then there will be some slight discomfort during the exposing process. READ MORE

  • Can you chew gum with a temporary filling?

    I would recommend not only because if you pull out the temporary filling, it's a mandatory trip back to the dentist's office. READ MORE

  • Can you get a bridge on the front teeth?

    Hi, Yes, you can get a bridge on your front teeth. As long as the neighboring teeth (and all the other teeth for that matter) are healthy enough and have enough anchorage in your jaw bone, you can have this done. READ MORE

  • What is good for sore gums from dentures?

    You should have a dentist look at it. Could be a number of things. READ MORE

  • What is the best alternative to dental implants?

    Hi, If you don't want a dental implant or cannot get one, a bridge (properly called a fixed partial denture) or a removable partial denture are other options. You would need neighboring teeth to do a bridge. A bridge does not come out of your mouth. A removable partial does. READ MORE

  • Can you get an infection after a deep cleaning?

    If you need a deep cleaning, you already have an infection. The deep cleaning is done to cure it. READ MORE

  • Why are my teeth sensitive after scaling?

    Hi, This is perfectly normal, and usually subsides. There are two reasons for sensitivity after the scaling is performed. First, the calculus and plaque are removed from the teeth. This exposes the root surfaces which increases sensitivity. Second, in proper scaling, the endotoxins from the bacteria are removed by removing the superficial layer of cementum covering the roots. This also increases sensitivity. The best thing you can do is brush with an anti-sensitivity toothpaste like Sensodyne and follow your doctor's instructions on post-treatment care. It will take some time. Best, READ MORE

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Dr. Michael Farr, DMD

118 Barrington Commons Ct Suite 201 -
Barrington, IL 60010
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