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Dr. Michael Irving Farr D.M.D., Dentist
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Dr. Michael Irving Farr D.M.D.

Dentist | General Practice

118 Barrington Commons Ct Suite 201 Barrington IL, 60010


Dr. Farr grew up around Chicago and received his Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences with a minor in Chemistry from the University of Illinois at Chicago. From there he went to Temple University ...

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Dr. Michael Irving Farr D.M.D.
Dr. Michael Irving Farr D.M.D.'s Expert Contributions
  • Can you get a bridge on the front teeth?

    Hi, Yes, you can get a bridge on your front teeth. As long as the neighboring teeth (and all the other teeth for that matter) are healthy enough and have enough anchorage in your jaw bone, you can have this done. READ MORE

  • What is good for sore gums from dentures?

    You should have a dentist look at it. Could be a number of things. READ MORE

  • What is the best alternative to dental implants?

    Hi, If you don't want a dental implant or cannot get one, a bridge (properly called a fixed partial denture) or a removable partial denture are other options. You would need neighboring teeth to do a bridge. A bridge does not come out of your mouth. A removable partial does. READ MORE

  • Can you get an infection after a deep cleaning?

    If you need a deep cleaning, you already have an infection. The deep cleaning is done to cure it. READ MORE

  • Why are my teeth sensitive after scaling?

    Hi, This is perfectly normal, and usually subsides. There are two reasons for sensitivity after the scaling is performed. First, the calculus and plaque are removed from the teeth. This exposes the root surfaces which increases sensitivity. Second, in proper scaling, the endotoxins from the bacteria are removed by removing the superficial layer of cementum covering the roots. This also increases sensitivity. The best thing you can do is brush with an anti-sensitivity toothpaste like Sensodyne and follow your doctor's instructions on post-treatment care. It will take some time. Best, READ MORE

  • Is it normal for the tooth next to an implant to hurt?

    Hi, Pain around an implant surgery is often common and can affect the adjacent teeth for a period of time. What's important to make sure is that there is an acceptable distance between the implant and an adjacent tooth. Pain persisting after two weeks from surgery that is not getting any better should be followed up with a visit to the dentist who placed the implant. Be sure to follow all instructions given by the dentist office. Hope this helps. Sincerely, READ MORE

  • How long does replacing a filling take?

    Hi, It depends on the size of the filling needed and the skill of the dentist performing the procedure. Smaller fillings will take less time, but larger fillings will take longer. Hope this helps. Best, READ MORE

  • How many implants are needed for an upper denture?

    Hi, That all depends on what you want for a final result. You technically don't need implants for an upper complete denture. If you're looking for added retention, then two implants are a good option. This is a removable option, but the prosthesis will retain a lot better than with no implants. If you are looking for something non removable, then you need a minimum of four implants. You would most likely need bone reduction for this option as the prosthesis is thicker, but the the advantages include no coverage of the roof of your mouth and you can't remove it. This option is also the list costly. Hope this helps. READ MORE

  • How is dental bone loss treated?

    Hi, In the dental office, it is treated with a deep cleaning (scaling and root planing). At home, you treat it with improved hygiene techniques. READ MORE

  • How does a crown work on a front tooth?

    Hi, The tooth is prepared just like in any other crown procedure. Reduction of the tooth is done to allow for appropriate thickness of the prosthetic restoration and to allow for realigning the tooth if necessary. Shade matching is the tough part when one single front tooth needs to be done. Make sure your dentist has a good laboratory to make the crown match the other front teeth. You may need to go to the dental laboratory to match the shade and characteristics of the neighboring teeth. Usually, the tooth is prepared on the first visit and an impression taken and a temporary crown made and placed that day. Then the crown is installed at a subsequent visit, typically a few weeks later. Hope this helps. Best, Dr. Farr READ MORE

  • What are the disadvantages of dental braces?

    Hi, There are no real disadvantages of getting braces as an adult. The downside is time and a little discomfort while the teeth are moving into a better position. Hope this helps. Dr. Farr READ MORE

  • Why do my gums hurt after a deep cleaning?

    Your gums hurt after the deep cleaning for two reasons. First, the gums are in a heightened state of painful response due to being infected and the body's response to it. Second, the treatment to cure the infection causes trauma and injury and this results in additional pain. The trauma and injury from the treatment to cure the infection is short lived and heals entirely. When you bang your shin into a coffee table, the injured area becomes swollen and inflamed. Light touch that normally should not produce pain, produces pain now. This is analogous to the swelling and inflammation from the injury caused by the bacteria in your infected gums. The gums become in a heightened state of painful response. Likewise, the instruments used to perform the deep cleaning are sharp, which is necessary to remove the infection, and these tools cause mechanical injury to the area when removing the infection. Combined with a heightened state of pain response, gums hurt after a deep cleaning. Rinse with warm salt water a few times per day and take any pain medication that was recommended by your doctor. Hope this helps. READ MORE

  • How can I clean my gums?

    Brush and floss them daily. READ MORE

  • Why do my teeth bleed after brushing?

    Sound like you have a problem with your gums. Most often, it is gingivitis, which is a bacterial infection of the mouth. It could be other things, too. You should see a dentist and have it checked. READ MORE

  • How do you whiten crowns and veneers?

    Hi, You don't whiten crowns or veneers. You have to replace them to change the color. They are made out of porcelain, and porcelain cannot be changed once made. READ MORE

  • How long does it take for partial dentures to stop hurting?

    Hi, It depends on what is causing your partial denture to hurt. If it is an overextended flange or unbalanced occlusion, then this needs to be adjusted by the dentist. Other sources of pain like pressure from the new framework. READ MORE

  • What should you not do after composite bonding?

    Hi, Depending on where in the mouth the bonding is, there are a few rules. If in the front of the mouth, bonding needs to be handled carefully as front teeth are thinner and have less bonding surfaces that back teeth. This means that fillings here do not have as much support, don't have as good adhesion, and are more likely to come off. You should refrain from biting into anything hard indefinitely, as you can chip or fracture the bonding (or more of your tooth). In the back of the mouth, there is more tooth structure to adhere to with the filling, so you can chew with fewer restrictions. However, keep in mind that composite bonding is a plastic material and not impervious to breaking. Composite bonding will wear faster than and stain quicker than your natural tooth also. Luckily, composite bondings are repairable and replaceable. Hope this helps! Cheers, Dr. Farr READ MORE

  • Is it better to whiten teeth at dentist or home?

    Hi, In regards to whitening, there are a couple of things to know. First, you need a good whitening agent. Carbamide peroxide and hydrogen peroxide are the two most popular whitening agents. Second, whitening is frequency and dose dependent. The higher the dose of whitening agent and the more frequent it is used, the sooner the whitening potential will be achieved. As long as you are using a good whitening agent, you will whiten your teeth. There is no way to predict any individual's whitening potential. You have to go through a round of whitening to see. That said, whether you do in office or take home really depends on how quick you need results. In office whitening (lights are NOT necessary to whiten your teeth in office) will produce faster results, but you will still have to whiten for a few days after at home. It is also the most expensive. This method uses the highest strength whitening agents and also can produce the highest sensitivity after treatment. Don't worry though, any sensitivity will go away and no permanent damage is done to the teeth (unless a light is used - there are cases where root canals were necessary because a light was used in conjunction with whitening). The take home method uses a lower strength whitening agent and will take a bit longer to achieve your whitening potential. Two weeks on average. You will have a lower chance of sensitivity with this method and you will still achieve the same end result. The over-the-counter whitening products work too, but because of their low strength, take much longer to achieve your whitening potential. Hope this helps. Cheers, READ MORE

  • How do I keep my dentures from falling out?

    You could also consider dental implants. READ MORE

  • How do I stop my teeth from hurting when I eat?

    Hi, Boy, that's a loaded question. There are many reasons why your teeth could hurt when eating. You need to seek consultation with a dentist to determine the cause of the problem. Only then can you determine a solution. Best of luck! READ MORE

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