Dr. Dr. Kimberly Sackheim, MD, Physiatrist (Physical Medicine)
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Dr. Dr. Kimberly Sackheim, MD

Pain Management Specialist | Interventional Pain Medicine

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Dr. Kimberly Sackheim, triple board certified: Pain Management, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation and Brain Injury Medicine. She is a well known headache and concussion specialist.  Treats all headaches and migraine, jaw pain, facial pain, vagal neuropathy, peripheral neuropathy, spinal and joint pain and pelvic/rectal pain.  Adept at all medication management, injections, specialist referrals, alternative treatments, and infsuions (ketamine, magnesium etc).  

Dr. Sackheim serves as a consultant to other physicians but is often the principal treating physician, providing care at various levels; such as treating the patient directly, prescribing medication, prescribing rehabilitative services, performing pain relieving procedures, counseling patients and families, directing a multidisciplinary team, coordinating care with other healthcare providers, and providing consultative services.  She has had succes in complicated patients where other doctor have not succeeded.  She is well published in her field and teaches around the world. 

Education and Training

Nova Southeastern College Of Osteopathic Medicine 2006

Board Certification

American Board of Pain Medicine

Pain Medicine (Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation)

Physical Medicine and RehabilitationAmerican Board of Physical Medicine and RehabilitationABPMR- Pain Medicine

Provider Details

Female English, Spanish
Dr. Dr. Kimberly Sackheim, MD
Dr. Dr. Kimberly Sackheim, MD's Expert Contributions
  • Is massage or acupuncture better for neck pain?

    It’s important to find out why you have neck pain before you seek out the treatment. I would start with acupuncture treatment. If you have a herniated disc or stenosis then chiropractic treatment might be contraindicated. If you do seek out chiropractic treatment I would recommend gentle treatment. READ MORE

  • I have shoulder/forearm pain?

    If you had a fall and have continued pain you should definitely get an x-ray to see if there is any fracture. READ MORE

  • How do you stop period cramps?

    A lot of women suffer from painful menstrual cycle. This is called dysmenorrhea. It is not always but sometimes an indication of possible endometriosis. I would recommend telling your primary care doctor or gynecologist about your symptoms to see if there’s something they can do. If the pain is severe then I recommend seeing a pain management doctor Who deals with Pelvic Pain. READ MORE

  • Can a chiropractor help my hip pain?

    Hi, thank you for your question. I would say that hip pain is different to each person. Hip joint pain usually presents with pain in the groin region but when most people complain of “hip pain” they are referring to pain on the side or in the buttock region. Depending on the location of your pain my answer to this question would be different. If the pain is located in the groin it is most likely hip joint pain. This would be best treated by a physical therapist and pain management doctor. Hip injections are very simple and easy and very effective as well. If the pain is located in the lower back or buttock region or lateral side, it is most likely coming from your back and not actually your hip joint. There are a lot of ways to investigate what the issue is and to treat the possible issue. Again, physical therapy and possibly chiropractic treatment can help, but it depends on what the issue is. I would recommend seeing a pain management doctor first to figure out the issue before you see a chiropractor. READ MORE

  • What’s the issue going on with my arm?

    Hi, sorry that you’re not feeling well. This could be a bunch of different things. When we sleep at night we are laying directly on our shoulder joints. This can sometimes cause a narrowing of the shoulder joint during sleep which can slightly irritate the tendons in the joint and cause pain. Another possibility could be that this is coming from your neck. If you have numbness a herniated disc or disc bulge at the neck is a possibility. I would recommend seeing a pain management doctor or physical medicine and rehab doctor for further evaluation and treatment. READ MORE

  • Lower back pain for two months?

    It sounds like you might have a disc bulge or herniated disc. There’s no way to know for sure without evaluating you. The best thing to do is see a pain management doctor for possible physical therapy, imaging and further investigation on what’s going on. If you are in a lot of pain, you might be a candidate for an epidural injection, which is a very simple procedure that can help significantly! READ MORE

  • What is causing my daughters leg pain?

    There’s no way to know for sure without evaluating her in person, but it looks like she might have complex regional pain syndrome. It’s really important to start aggressive physical therapy as soon as possible before this develops further. READ MORE

  • Is acupuncture good for migraines?

    There are a lot of amazing treatments for migraine. Acupuncture is one of them. Most patients do well with acupuncture along with other treatments. Together, multiple treatments are most effective. READ MORE

  • Can knee braces help with knee pain?

    Knee braces can help with knee pain but it does depend on the cause of the knee pain. The main reason knee braces help is because they give our brain a reminder that something is going on. This is called proprioceptive input. Another reason knee braces can help is because they apply pressure to the area which sometimes helps the pain. There are many other ways to treat knee pain including physical therapy, topical ointments and injections. READ MORE

  • What causes back pain and numbness?

    Hi, there are a lot of things that can cause numbness. It is possible that there could be a herniated disc in your neck or lower back. Depends on where your symptoms are specifically. There are also a lot of other possibilities and you should see a pain management doctor in person. Hope you feel better! READ MORE

  • I have pain from a fractured shoulder humerus bone?

    I’m sorry to hear you’re in so much pain. Unfortunately with the opioid pandemic many physicians do not like to prescribe opioids. This leaves patients with real injuries like yourself not fully treated for their pain. The best thing to do is to get off of opioids as soon as possible but if you need them for a few more days After a serious fracture it is understandable. READ MORE

  • How should I sleep to relieve lower back pain?

    Hi, I’m sorry you’re having lower back pain. To Properly answer this question it would be best to evaluate you in person to see what the cause of your lower back pain is. Without knowing this information I would recommend sleeping on the side with a pillow in between your legs to help keep your spine aligned properly. If this doesn’t work you should see a doctor in person for further evaluation. READ MORE

  • Back pain?

    This could be many different things. It is best to see a doctor in person for an evaluation. It could be coming from a muscle spasm, shoulder issue or neck issue. My first treatment would be a trigger point injection in the area that hurts. This can sometimes work wonders to help people feel better. READ MORE

  • Should I get surgery for a space narrowing at L5-S1?

    Firstly, I’m sorry you’re not feeling well. I also am unable to fully view the attached image and so do not have that information. Reasons to get surgery without other treatment are weakness, numbness, bowel or bladder issues and severe pain. If you do not have any of these and only have pain you do not need to jump into surgery. You most likely would benefit from a series of epidural injections prior to considering surgery. These should be done sooner than later to avoid any other issues. If the pain is absolutely unbearable, then surgery is a reasonable option. READ MORE

  • Pubic bone pain?

    Firstly, I would recommend that you see a pelvic rehab specialist. You should have imaging done of the area to make sure there’s nothing going on. If all studies are negative and depending on the specific location of the pain you might have pudendal neuralgia. This is very difficult to diagnose from the information I have. READ MORE

  • How do I manage my knee pain since I can't see my doctor during Covid-19?

    I would recommend a telemedicine visit. There are a lot of doctors who can see you through a zoom call and help to treat you even without seeing you in person. Doctors do a physical exam in person but sometimes the questions that they ask in the answers that you give are enough to provide help and treatment. READ MORE

  • How long does it take for acupuncture to work for back pain?

    Acupuncture is a good additional treatment to most pain issues. It is not always effective alone and usually provides immediate temporary relief. READ MORE

  • Which antidepressant is best for chronic pain?

    The answer to this question would also depend on your medical history and other medical problems. Without knowing this information the most common anti-depressant used for chronic pain and nerve pain is Cymbalta. Not every patient can be on Cymbalta and it also depends on what your other medications are as well. READ MORE

  • Is a physiatrist a pain management doctor?

    This is a good question. A Physiatrist may be a pain doctor and may not be a pain doctor. It depends on if the doctor or Physiatrist did extra training in pain management. Most Physiatrists can treat some pain, but are not officially a pain management doctor unless they had this extra training. I hope this helps to answer the question! READ MORE

  • What tests are done for knee pain?

    Tests for knee pain include x-rays, MRIs and diagnostic injections. prior to considering these studies and depending on the amount of pain that you have you might want to try physical therapy for strengthening exercises. This can be very effective. READ MORE

Areas of expertise and specialization

Headache ManagementInterventional Pain ManagementMedical Pain ManagementPhysical Medicine & RehabilitationFacial & Jaw PainPelvic Pain & Rectal Pain SpecialistBrain Injury MediciineChronic Pain SpecialistProtein Rich Plasma (PRP)ProlotherapyRegenerative MedicineBotulinum Toxin SpecialistHyperhidrosis SpecialistCervical Dystonia SpecialistOrofacial Dystonia SpecialistCosmetic Botox SpecialistChronic Migraine Specialist

Faculty Titles & Positions

  • Owner Spine & Pain Total Care P.C. 2014 - Present


  • Teacher of the Year Award 2019 NYU 

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