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Dr. Oscar Naranjo, DMD


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Dr. Oscar Naranjo graduated from the Arizona School of Dentistry and Oral Health (ASDOH) in 2019. He has achieved multiple awards, including the Dental Implant Student Award, Academy of Operative Dentistry award, and the Academy of General Dentistry Dental Student Award.

After graduating from dental school, Dr. Naranjo completed the Implant Dentistry Continuum and Dental Implant Master Series, furthering his dental implant knowledge and skills.

Before co-founding Luxe Smiles in 2021, Dr. Naranjo worked as an associate for two years. He is a member of the International Dental Implant Association, Academy of General Dentistry, American Dental Association, and South Florida Dental Association.

As a dental professional, Dr. Naranjo believes in making a difference in a patient’s life. He cares deeply about his patients and what he does to help them maintain dental health for a lifetime.

Education and Training

Arizona School of Dentistry DMD 2019

Provider Details

Dr. Oscar Naranjo, DMD
Dr. Oscar Naranjo, DMD's Expert Contributions
  • Why a Deep Dental Cleaning?

    Regular dental cleaning, also known as prophylaxis, is a vital preventive dental care procedure that helps maintain good oral health. During a regular cleaning, a dental hygienist uses special instruments to remove plaque and tartar buildup from the teeth and gum line, reducing the risk of gum...

  • How long will my mouth hurt after a root canal?

    After a root canal procedure, it is normal to experience some discomfort in the treated area for a few days. However you could take ibuprofen or Tylenol to alleviate the discomfort. Remember, just like any other part of your body that has wound your mouth all needs time to heal. READ MORE

  • X-ray shows dark area at root tip advised to have a root canal, but have never had any symptoms should I wait

    To ensure the best outcome for your oral health, it is generally advisable to follow the advice of your dental professional. They have evaluated your X-rays, identified the presence of a dark area at the root tip, and recommended a root canal based on their clinical expertise and diagnostic findings. It is crucial to address potential dental issues promptly to prevent further complications and to preserve the affected tooth whenever possible. It's recommended to discuss any concerns or questions you may have with your dentist or endodontist. They can provide more detailed information about the specific condition of your tooth, explain the potential risks of delaying treatment, and address any additional queries you may have. READ MORE

  • How do you avoid a root canal after a filling?

    In certain cases, a root canal may be necessary even after a filling if the cavity is extensive and reaches close to the pulp, where the nerve is located. When the decay is deep and the nerve is exposed or traumatized during the process of removing the decay, it increases the likelihood of requiring a root canal procedure. While every effort is made to preserve the tooth and avoid a root canal, the severity of the decay and the extent of nerve involvement can influence the outcome. It's important to note that a filling is typically the first treatment option to address a cavity. However, if the decay is extensive and reaches the inner portion of the tooth, where the nerve is housed, it can lead to nerve damage or infection. In such cases, a root canal may be necessary to remove the infected or damaged nerve tissue and alleviate any associated pain or infection. READ MORE

  • Abscess

    I strongly recommend contacting your dentist as soon as possible to have the abscess evaluated and treated appropriately. They will be able to diagnose the cause of the abscess, prescribe appropriate antibiotics if necessary, and determine the most appropriate treatment plan, which may involve draining the abscess and potentially performing root canal therapy or tooth extraction, depending on the severity of the infection. READ MORE

  • Is Invisalign treatment safe?

    Yes, Invisalign treatment is safe. Invisalign aligners are made from a medical-grade thermoplastic material that is BPA-free and FDA-approved for use in dental and orthodontic applications. Additionally, Invisalign treatment does not involve the use of metal brackets or wires, making it a comfortable and convenient option for many patients. However, as with any medical or dental procedure, there are some risks and potential side effects associated with Invisalign treatment, such as mild discomfort since the aligners are moving your teeth. It is important to discuss these with your dentist or orthodontist before beginning treatment. But a very detailed treatment plan is created before treatment starts READ MORE

  • Can you chew gum with crowns?


  • Gums bleed a little when brushing after a deep cleaning

    If a specific area is bleeding after your deep cleaning it could be an indication of plaque accumulation which can cause your gum to be irritated and bleed. If the rest of the areas look pink it means your gum are healing nicely READ MORE

  • Can you chew gum with a traditional dental bridge?

    Yes, dental bridges are strong enough for you to be able to chew gum. READ MORE

  • Do I need a dental crown or filling?

    It depends on how big the cavity is. Come times if the cavity is too big and there is significan tooth structure missing then a dental crown is recommended to protect the tooth. READ MORE

  • Can I drink beer today after a filling that I had yesterday at 4pm

    Yes, once a dental resin filling is cured you can eat or drink normally including drinking beer. READ MORE

  • Is front tooth implant surgery painful?

    No. Dental implants are less traumatic to place than a dental extraction and placing them should always be painless since we have dental anesthetic and the area will be anesthetized during the procedure. READ MORE

Professional Memberships

  • South Florida Dental Association  
  • American Dental Association  
  • Academy of General Dentistry  
  • The International Dental Implant Association  

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