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Does My Diet Raise My Risk of Getting Appendicitis?

Does My Diet Raise My Risk of Getting Appendicitis?

The appendix found in the human body was long the subject of debate among doctors all over the world in their journals and reviews. However, very few of these debates have turned out to be worthy of serious consideration because the majority of doctors have conceded the fact that the appendix serves no actual purpose or function in the body, and anybody can live a happy and healthy life without the appendix. Though the organ is responsible for most reported medical conditions in the United States, statistics show that only around 8 out of 1000 people will probably get appendicitis. What factors contribute to a person's risk of developing appendicitis? Are there any correlations with one's diet? If there are, what specific dietary choices and habits contribute to the risk?

Major Causes

Since the appendix, according to research, is prone to different bacterial infections, the major causes of appendicitis have been related to different types of viral bacteria in the appendix's general environment. 

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Fungi have been classified as the major cause of appendicitis. However, a majority of doctors in the medical profession believe the cause of this disorder to be more deeply embedded in the appendix itself, specifically in the inner lining of the organ that is known in medical terms as the appendix lumen. The dysfunction or rupture of this lumen causes bacterial parasites to accumulate in the organ, thus causing white blood cells to die and form a mixture of dead cells known as pus.

The rupture of the lumen can be due to different things such as intestinal stones which travel through the large intestine and into the appendix. Foreign physical injuries to the abdomen are also widely believed to be one of the major causes of the condition, such as a gunshot or anything causing trauma to the abdomen of a person.

Food that risk the appendix

Now the question arises: Can your diet raise your risk of getting appendicitis? Studies have reached a conclusion over the years to determine the type of food materials and the nutrients which can risk people getting appendix problems. Studies have revealed that a heavy intake of food containing little fiber, such as junk food or burgers and pizzas, can contribute to your having a higher chance of getting appendicitis. Fiber is a plant-based nutrient found in food sources that prevents digestive materials from staying too long in the body and aids the digestive and excretory process, making the bowel movement more fluid and easier. People who consume more items with high fiber have been recorded to have higher chances of avoiding many problematic conditions, one of which is appendicitis. High-fiber food includes different types of beans, either cooked or raw, various cereal grains such as bran, vegetables like beetroot, fruits such as apples, and natural fruit juices. These materials provide fiber for the body's needs. With the regular and sufficient intake of fiber-rich foods, the risk and number of appendicitis cases in the world can be greatly decreased.