Current National And Worldly Stress On Gen Z

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Compounding Stressors 

The long-term consequences of our current stressors, from the pandemic to the social and political stress are hitting Gen Z the hardest. Gen Z adults are the ages of 18-23.

The Stress Is Overwhelming

As the stress comes to a boiling point, many Zoomers find themselves in a state of anxiety, depression, and loneliness. 

Is Social Media Helpful?

We are living in an age where we never feel alone, yet we are the loneliest generation. Social media is a network to make us feel closer to one another. Why do we feel this way? 

The Impact Of Loneliness

Using the UCLA Loneliness Scale, out of the 20,000 Americans surveyed, alarming results showed that Gen Z is the loneliest generation. We need to focus on it and work through it. 

Emotional Benefits Of Meditation

The benefits include gaining a new perspective on stressful situations, building skills to manage your stress, increasing self-awareness, and focusing on the present.

Physical Benefits Of Meditation

The benefits include decreased cortisol levels (stress hormone), decreased cytokines, increased focus, concentration, and better sleep.

Different Types Of Meditation

The types of meditation include sound meditation, breath awareness, spiritual meditation, mantra meditation, body scan, tai chi, qigong, and yoga.

Meditation Helps Us Face Our Problems

Meditation can help to lessen the magnitude of the current stressors. It is a beneficial practice that has many advantages, the most important being stress reduction.