Why Do My Teeth Keep Breaking?

Dr. Andre Eliasian Dentist Glendale, CA

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One of the strongest materials in our body is known as the enamel. A substance that is essential to the longevity of our teeth. Enamel can be described as a tough and necessary outer covering of our teeth. However, the strength of enamel does have some limits. If someone is subjected to a mouth related injury, which is often the case with sports, it may cause the teeth to chip. When the teeth are damaged they will then have a jagged tooth surface. The tooth may also change colors and look abnormal. The most common reasons that people have chipped teeth is from falls or accidents, playing sports without using mouth guards, teeth grinding especially during sleep, and biting down on hard substances. 

If someone does have tooth decay or cavities in their mouth, this can damage the tooth's enamel. Also, by consuming acid containing foods and drinks like coffee, fruit juices, and spicy foods, this can break down the enamel and leave the tooth’s surface vulnerable. Sugar is very bad for teeth as it creates bacteria in the mouth. This bacteria can attack the tooth's enamel. This is why you should brush after consuming sugary foods and drinks. Other health conditions can lead to further damage of the tooth's enamel, even if the person brushes and flosses daily. Some other risk factors for chipped teeth include acid reflux or heartburn and certain digestive conditions.