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5 Tips for Living with Acne


5 Tips for Living with Acnec

Adolescence is a period of several physical changes, and one of the commonest is acne. For most cases, facial spots are something of the past once adulthood is attained. However, for some people, it does not stop there. If you’re suffering from adult acne, consider the following tips for an improved condition:

  • Observe Healthy Eating Habits - sometimes, acne could be triggered by allergic reactions. Be keen with what you consume and when the acne breakouts occur. You can even try keeping a journal of the foods you eat so that you can effectively track when such breakouts are more prevalent. This will assist you to pinpoint specific foods that have a tendency of triggering breakouts and adopt better control measures.
  • Avoid Smoking - smoking has been confirmed to accelerate the severity of acne, particularly in women. Therefore, if you do smoke, you may have to begin a cessation program. If you quit immediately, then you’re more likely to improve the appearance of your skin and at the same time minimize your risk of getting skin cancer.
  • Avoid Touching Your Face - whenever you touch your face, you are transferring excessive dirt and oil onto your skin, which could cause the pores of your skin to get clogged. Resist from regularly touching your face, and avoid picking at the pimples, which could lead to infections and more breakouts.
  • Always Stay Hydrated - it might seem devastating, but drinking eight glasses of water every day is an amazing way to keep your body hydrated and nourish your skin. Rather than drinking soda or sports drinks, reach out for water!
  • Consider Healthy Ingredients - some elements contained in your makeup products might trigger rapid breakouts. If you choose new products and acne begins to develop, this is probably the cause of your symptoms. To better the look of your skin, settle for products with alpha hydroxy acids, which help in exfoliating and cleaning the outer layer of your skin and boost collagen levels. No one enjoys living with acne, especially the adults. However, if you observe healthy measures to suppress the severity of your symptoms, you’ll realize that it’s manageable. Make a wise decision today and live better!
  • Avoid the Possible Triggers - the precise cause of acne isn’t clear, but research indicates that certain genetic and environmental factors are the major culprits. A family history of the illness poses the greatest risk for acne. Again, several environmental triggers have proven to worsen acne, while stimulating intensive flare-ups. Such triggers differ from one individual to another, and it’s imperative that you keep track of all the possible triggers so that you can try avoiding them.
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Other factors that trigger acne breakouts include:

  • Taking prescription drugs like lithium and steroids.
  • Using certain makeup or cosmetic products - but this isn’t very common since many products undergo inclusive tests, to ensure that they don’t cause any spots.
  • Smoking 
  • Always wearing items that subject your skin to excessive pressure - such as backpacks or headbands.
  • Sweating

There’s some indirect proof that sweating plus humid environments might trigger the development of acne. It’s possible that too much humidity blocks the skin pores resulting in acne. Avoiding intense sweating might play a crucial role in preventing your pores from clogging and hence lessening acne symptoms.