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A Guide to Managing Your Stress and Anger with Fibromyalgia

A study found that anger management therapy offers positive results for fibro patients

A study conducted by Alexandra Stillman in Utah State University showed promising advantages of a 4-week program. The goal of the program was to increase patients' overall well-being by offering both cognitive, behavioral, and communication skills, along with the anger management. The therapy group involved a small number of patients, and they were asked to complete surveys and assessments to examine their:

  • Incidents related to anger
  • Levels of self-efficacy in pain and anger management
  • Improvement in communication
  • Changes in status of physical and emotional health

At the end of the 4-week therapy program, there were positive results. Some of the findings showed significant improvements in mental health and pain management.  The participants also said that their communication with others had a significant improvement.

However, this study is just the beginning. These results can give practitioners a starting point for enhancing the quality of life for fibro patients. Coping with anger in a productive manner will help fibro patients to maintain positive relationships and develop new connections.