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Can My Diet Influence Erectile Dysfunction?

Can My Diet Influence Erectile Dysfunction?

Can My Diet Influence Erectile Dysfunction?

Food is known to have diverse effects on the body of a human being. Eating helps maintain our bodies and keep us alive. We all have different eating patterns and preferences. Lifestyle choices also involve the types of food we choose to consume.

Our bodies respond differently to various foods. It is extremely important to make healthy choices when it comes to the food we consume. This is because some types of food can cause harm to our health. This in turn can cause a chain of events that eventually leads to erectile dysfunction.

How Does Food Cause Health Problems?

Eating foods that contain a lot of fat raises the cholesterol level in your body. Fat accumulates within body tissue and the body is forced to look for ways to store them. They therefore end up on the wall lining of blood vessels and this narrows their lumen.

This eventually leads to atherosclerosis. When the blood vessels that supply blood to the penis are affected, insufficient blood reaches the penile tissues and erection difficulties set in. You therefore begin to experience ED.

It is important to note that high cholesterol levels can also clog blood vessels that supply blood to important organs of the body such as the heart and brain. This can lead to a heart attack or stroke, respectively.

Being Overweight

Junk food can cause an increase in weight, especially for people who do not exercise. An increase in weight can lead to obesity, and this in turn can result in other health problems such as diabetes mellitus, atherosclerosis or heart disease. These are complications that are associated with erectile dysfunction and this therefore heightens the risk of getting ED. For those who already have ED, it can get worse and therefore more difficult to treat.

Are There Types Of Food That Prevent ED?

There are no foods that can prevent erectile dysfunction, but it is possible to maintain a healthy lifestyle that can minimize the risks of contracting ED or making the condition worse for those who already have it.

Tips on Healthy Diet Choices

It is important to ensure that you eat healthy foods. This is an extremely easy thing to achieve by avoiding certain foods and consuming more of others. Below are several tips on the types of food to eat and on what to do to ensure your body remains healthy. Avoid foods that have high content of fat. Keep away from junk food (burgers, fried food) and replace them with foods such as:

  • Leafy greens such as spinach
  • Pistachio nuts
  • Tomatoes
  • Fruits, especially antioxidants like watermelons
  • Instead of milk chocolate, try dark chocolate, which are healthier.

You can also:

  • Exercise regularly. This will help burn any extra fat in the body in addition to keeping your body fit. 
  • Abstain from alcohol and smoking
  • Check your weight regularly

The Bottom Line

Your choice of diet greatly influences erectile dysfunction. It is therefore extremely important that you ensure you eat the right type of food. You can consult a nutrition expert for advice on the best choice of foods. If you do this then you will keep yourself safe from extreme erectile dysfunction.