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Couple-Focused Therapy May Help with Sleep Apnea

Benefits on couples

At first, couples seemed anxious about the cumbersome machine, but those who concentrated on helping their partners were more successful than those who didn’t. They got to learn about CPAP treatment and sleep apnea together. They were able to sleep less irritability, less worry, deep sleep and more energy. They also had better communication and greater intimacy.

Some patients said that they couldn't use CPAP unless a partner showed concern. Most partners usually provide help in setting up of the machine, maintenance, and adjustment of the machine. Also, it helped when partners gave verbal encouragement such as compliments, reminders and open acceptance of partner’s appearance when using a CPAP machine. Most couples regretted that they should have started CPAP treatment early. They also said that adjusting to the new routine and patience were essential as the partners started a long-term treatment.