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How Can I Reduce Stress Instantly?

How Can I Reduce Stress Instantly?

Experts recommend some on-the-spot techniques to relax and reduce stress in life:

  • Take a deep breath – Relaxed breathing is always a good method to calm down. Stress often triggers shallow breathing. So by changing the way you breathe you can bring in relaxation. Focus on your breathing for a moment and inhale deeply feeling the changes in your body as you breathe in. Then exhale in the same way. Repeat the process for about ten times and feel relaxation setting in as you do so.
  • Visualize positive images – It is very difficult for some to focus and meditate while under stress. But it is possible to channelize the energy to visualize images of things that can keep you relaxed and take the thoughts away from the stressful situations. It can be colors, pictures, place, person, or even a good event in your life. These images will bring in more positive thoughts even without your knowing – the best way to relax.
  • Have a cup of green tea – Needless to say, tea is one of the most popular ways to calm down. If you have a habit of going for that cup, make it green tea which is ideal for reducing stress. Avoid coffee as it may increase the levels of cortisol, the stress hormone.
  • MeditateMeditation is actually an activity that will keep your focus and attention for the moment. You can meditate while walking, sitting or painting. It is just that one needs to take the thoughts away from the stressful situation and bring it to the repetitive activity of your interest.
  • Have a musical break – All experts agree to the fact that music can help in keeping calm. Listen to music with a slow tempo and realize that the heart beat gradually tunes in to the music and relaxes. Keep it for sometime till you feel that the stress has dropped.

Key Takeaways

  • Deep breathing, visualizing positive images, drink green tea, meditation, and music can help reduce stress instantly.