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What is Stress?

What is Stress?

All of us have faced it at some time or the other, but what is it? Why and how does our body respond to it? Why is it not good for us? How can we control it?

Stress is the word that refers to the overload of things that we find it difficult to manage in our life. This is a real challenge for our mind and body that can eventually affect health. Oftentimes we feel that having some stress is normal and manageable. However, most of the time stress is draining.

Our body responds to stress as it would in the case of immediate danger. This response is normally referred to as stress response. It may cause a number of health issues like headache, upset stomach, and sleep problems. Stress may weaken the immune system and make you more susceptible to infections and diseases. Mental problems are also galore – depression, mood swings, and tension.

Fortunately this is something which can be managed effectively, once you realize the problem. The first step toward controlling stress is to understand the root cause of stress in life. Controlling those factors help in reducing stress. There are a number of known techniques to control and reduce stress. Be proactive to learn them and apply when needed

Here are some simple tips to reduce the effect of stress:

  • Manage time more effectively – This helps to finish work before stress hits you. Prioritize work to make things easier!
  • Get adequate rest – This is very important in reducing the negative effects of stress and to keep the mind thinking clearly.
  • Learn to say ‘no’ – If you are planning to reduce your workload, you need to learn how to say ‘no’ when needed.
  • Talk about your concerns – Open up about your needs and worries to your near and dear ones. There is nothing better than talking about pent up emotions.
  • Go for regular exercise – Exercise and rest help to manage stress in a positive way and is the best stress-busters. Moreover, they give you the additional benefit of good health.
  • Engage in interesting activities – Get some time out from the things that get you into stress. Engage in things that you love to do and forget the stress factors.
  • Learn relaxing techniques – Meditation, breathing techniques, music, and self-hypnosis are all considered to be very good in reducing stress and help you to relax.