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How Can I Relieve Stress Quickly?

How Can I Relieve Stress Quickly?

Have you ever felt that you are totally out of focus, out of balance and clearly out of control? Well, that is what stress does. This often happens when you  need to think rationally, make an important decision, or communicate effectively to others. Springing back to balance is the key to tackle this situation so that you can think and act clearly. A small amount of stress is good for the body as it helps one to work even in tensed situations. But when stress extends beyond a certain point, it becomes harmful.

Tips for Control Stress

Here are some simple tips to keep things under control:

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  • Meditation – Meditating is one of the best ways to ease anxiety. Studies show that daily meditation helps in making one very flexible to stress. Performing meditation is easy too. Just focus on reciting or visualizing positive thoughts so that it is in tune with the breath. This will help to erase out any of the negative thoughts from the mind.
  • Deep breathing – Taking a deep breath and focusing helps to relax immediately. This slows down the heart rate and regulates blood pressure, thus negating the effect of stress on the body. This can be done wherever you are – office or home – just sit up straight and focus on the air passing through your body.
  • Slow down – A major part of the stress is added by our hectic schedule. We tend to be unaware of many other things happening around us. Enjoy the walk to your work place or the taste of the food that you are eating. When talking to your colleague take time and enjoy the conversation before you rush off with other tasks in hand. Enjoy the things at the moment and feel that tension is kept at bay.
  • Talk it out – Talking to your friends or near and dear ones is one of the best ways to bring down stress. The support system offered by family and friends in tiding over difficult situations is well known.
  • Apply warm compress – Keep a warm compress on shoulders and neck, two places where you feel stress the most, for some time. Massage your face, neck, and back to feel muscles relax gradually.
  • Have a good laugh – Having a laugh helps not only to reduce the tension but also to bring down the levels of stress hormone, cortisol. Talk to someone who can make you smile or watch your favorite comedy show.
  • Exercise – No, this is not your regular exercise routine. Just get moving or do your favorite pose in yoga. This will help in releasing  chemicals that will cheer you up and make you feel good.
  • Listen to your favorite music – There is nothing better than relaxing with your favorite tune in the air. Keep a playlist ready in your smartphone or system to play when needed. Take five minutes and listen to the soothing melody.