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I am unable to manage my stress. How can I help myself?

I am a freelancer by profession and I work on multiple projects at the same time. With deadlines and a stipulated time frame given, I find it very hard to mange my stress from work. What should I do to help myself?

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Use a planner or calendar to write down how you can realistically use each hour of each day to meet your deadlines. Include blocks of time to exercise, relax, pursue hobbies or spend time with family or friends to the extent that doing so is possible given your deadlines. Having outlets, balance in your life, or something to look forward to can help one work efficiently and promote good mental health. Finally, you can remind yourself that despite your worry, you always come through. Or, if you don't come through, you can remind yourself that you are making changes to insure that you will. You can ask yourself what is the worst thing that can happen? Is it catastrophic or can it be handled? You can also take a moment to gain perspective, reminding yourself of all the things going right and that you feel grateful for in your life.
Finding work/home balance can be difficult. I would suggest getting a life coach or psychologist to teach you stress management.
You need stress management therapy, where you will learn techniques to reduce stress.
If you are unable to manage your stress, why not consult a stress management professional? Such a person might be a meditation teacher, a yoga teacher, a personal trainer, a "coach" in work/life balance….Your p.c., your friends, your church if you have one – even your local librarian – may be able to suggest some good places to start.
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Dear Madam:/Sir,
You need to learn the stress management skills that work for you. You may want to go to a workshop.
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Dr. Sonpal
Try some of the apps out there on mindfulness - a good one is CALM. If they are not helpful see a therapist to put you back in control.
You may benefit from taking time to explore your values and what is important to you. Some of these questions may help you gain insight: Do I enjoy this job? Is the stress of the job worth the fulfillment of a completed project? Are the expectations unrealistic and are my superiors approachable to discuss my concerns? I would encourage you to seek a mental health provider who is equipped to help you manage work stress.
Remember-stressful situations create stressful feelings. You may be having a healthy reaction to an unhealthy situation. Nonetheless, try to give yourself some “me” time to decompress whenever you can.
Try giving someone else some of the responsibility. If you feel there is no one who can do it, then you might have control issues and insecurities. You then need to see a therapist.
Try to identify priorities, making a list sometimes helps to put tasks in perspective. Take time to exercise as a stress releaser.