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How Can I Stop Snoring?

How Can I Stop Snoring?

Snoring can affect not only your sleep but also your family members and friends, if you sleep in the same room with them. Snoring can lead to sleep problems, fatigue during day, irritability, and other health problems. About 45% of adults in the world are affected by snoring, and it is more commonly found more among males.

Many depend on over-the-counter medications, anti-snoring devices, and sprays for finding a solution to the problem. Unfortunately, many of these are not supported by scientific evidence. There are simple home remedies and lifestyle changes that may be of help to get rid of this problem.

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 Some natural methods that can potentially stop you from snoring include:

  • Weight loss – Losing weight is helpful for some people. This means that people who are thin may also have problems with snoring. If you are a person who did not snore before gaining weight, it is time to consider weight as one of the reasons for snoring. Experts are of the opinion that gaining weight in the neck region reduces the diameter of the throat, leading to snoring.
  • Change the sleep position – Sleeping on your side is considered to be one of the best methods to control snoring. If the tongue and palate collapses on to the wall of the throat during sleeping, it may lead to a vibrating sound. Sleeping on side helps to open up the passage and prevent the vibrations. Opening up the nasal passages by keeping the head at a raised position may also help in preventing this sound. 
  • Limit alcohol intake – Alcohol is one of the main reasons for reducing muscle relaxation at the back of throat, which can cause snoring. Drinking alcohol about four or five hours before sleeping increases snoring.
  • Develop good sleeping habits – Lack of enough sleep and poor sleeping habits leads to snoring. Good sleeping habits prevent the muscles from becoming floppy, which can prevent snoring.
  • Keep the nasal passages open – This helps to keep the movement of the air slow in the passages, which prevents the vibrations that create snoring. Nasal strips are used by some to keep the passages wide.
  • Stay hydrated – Drinking plenty of water helps to keep the passages clear of sticky secretions and thus reduces snoring.