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National Nurses Week Special Honors

National Nurses Week occurs in May every year. FindaTopDoc asked its members to recognize the amazing contributions nurses make every day to their communities. Their immeasurable sacrifice, persistence, and commitment to the nursing profession inspire us all. We all strive to make a difference, however, a nurse makes a difference in others' lives, unlike any other profession. 

Nurses and other healthcare professionals have been on the frontlines of the pandemic and have worked tirelessly to ensure that every patient in need is cared for. We honor those nurses who have made a positive impact on patients, coworkers, and many others. 

Here are some stories and mentions of those nurses:

1. Christa Hughes MBA-HM, BSN, RN, CEN, CPEN, is an exceptional nurse,  caregiver, leader, and partner. She drives her department to a higher level of expertise and excellence, encouraging everyone around her. We are so incredibly proud of the work that she is doing. 

2. Alison Crosby-Korzeniowski, is an LPN who works in long-term care. She has been described by others as dedicated, strong, determined, caring, intelligent, compassionate, and forward-thinking. Qualities that make for an outstanding nurse and individual serving in the healthcare field. We can all learn from her ambitiousness and caring nature. 

3. Heather Peterson, Marilyn Ga, Sue Anderson-Seibert, and Elsa Lopez have all been recognized for their dedication to the nursing field. These nurses have worked together for over 12 years. They have become loyal friends honoring each other on birthdays. This helps them getaway to enjoy the ocean, the mountains, dancing, laughing, and restoring each other so they can go back and give the gains from each other to their patients. All are entirely dedicated to the field of nursing and their patients. They give their all to their patients. 

4. Tommy Davis, LON, and Abby Keith, BSN, are nurses who love what they do. In order to improve their abilities Tommy Davis, LON, is working towards his BSN, and Abby Keith, BSN, is working towards her MSN. They are both so knowledgeable in respect to their fields. They also are on the ball by questioning medical students about medications and treatments. They are both fantastic practitioners and everything they do is with the care of their patients in mind. Both nurses deserve the highest level of praise. 

5. The Mount Sinai Hospital MICU Night & Day RNs & PCAs is one amazing team that has been doing the COVID shuffle almost non-stop in NYC, since March 2020. They opened up the first COVID-19 unit at the main hospital and worked closely with infection prevention, emergency management, leadership, and the nursing union to figure out how to provide critical care while staying safe and healthy. Like so many others, we McGyver'd nursing practice to keep medications running and save PPE, on the fly this staff took to travel nurses though never our prior practice. 

We opened our unit and hearts to clinicians who flexed from their regular practices to help us provide direct patient care safely, day nurses worked night shifts for weeks so we could attract and accommodate more temporary help through April and May surge. Everyone scoured social media and professional groups for better and safer practices, so many kind words and silliness for a laugh, vaccine encouragement, constantly sharing, always offering help to get everyone out on time, and always encouraging a five-minute breather to each other.  

Nurses’ week is an annual celebration of nurses across the globe for the exceptional work they do. This week provides an opportunity to thank nurses within the healthcare field as a whole for all they contribute to their communities. 

Feel free to show your appreciation by thanking the nurses in your life!

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