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Prozac Side Effects

Prozac Side Effects

Prozac, also called Fluoxetine, is an anti-depressant drug that is used to treat mental problems. It does this by affecting the chemicals in the brain, which may be unbalanced due to panic, anxiety, or depression. It is a drug that is used to treat mental problems, and it must be prescribed by a doctor.

This drug finds its use in various places in the medical field. It is avoided by some doctors, due to certain side effects. Despite its usability, this drug has certain side effects that affect the people using it. These side effects are so profound that tremendous change in the personality can be seen.

The drug is used widely to decrease the pain of the patient in post-surgery. Several parts of the drug are used in the surgery, like chemotherapy and other painful processes. These drugs are provided by the permission of the government, and only authorized dealers can sell them with proper guidelines.

These side effects vary from person to person, but they can’t be neglected. In some people, the drugs don’t have many side effects, and it just causes basic problems, like itching and others. Some people are so much affected by the drug that they have to pay a very heavy amount for using this drug in terms of side effects.

Some people get not much affected by the side effects, and the drug usually lasts for only a couple of weeks; for some people, it lasts for a very large span of time. They get affected by those effects the most, and sometimes their conditions become critical and they have to pay hard for it.

Some people encounter problems like insomnia, the lack of sleep. They are unable to take proper sleep as a side effect of the drug. Also, some people see strange or weird dreams as a side effect. They try to take pills for sleep, but the problem persists. The problem gets more profound after jumping their daily routine and waking in the night.

These problems are due to the effect of the drug on the brain's balance. The lack of sleep makes people irritable, and they get angry about minor things. Their behavior is attributed to this drug, and the condition persists.

Other problems include dizziness and headaches. Most people face this problem, and they get dizzy and encounter vision problems. The problem continues with a headache, sometimes leading to migraines. The headache sometimes becomes so painful that it becomes unbearable. It leads to the lack of the thinking capability among different people, and they get affected badly by the anti-depressant.

For some people, the side effect comes in the form of pain in the body. They used to experience unnecessary pain in the body. It persists with the weakness in the body, and they find themselves unable to pursue their daily chores.

Loss of appetite is another common problem seen as a side effect to the body. Many people stop eating their normal diet. Several other problems, like nausea and diarrhea, are also seen among them. 

Another common problem with most people is the loss of sex drive. People become less stimulative toward sexual arousal. In some cases, they get aroused, but they find themselves unable to reach orgasm. This makes their personal life suffer.

This problem caused by the anti-depressant in the body creates various problems in the life of a person. The person becomes more weak in several dimensions of his personal life.

He or she finds it difficult to continue with the life as it used to be before taking the drug, and their sex life that used to be a lot happier before get devastated completely. They find themselves unable to satisfy the need of their partner, and this may lead to the increased number of divorces. The problem usually persists and hence makes the personal life of individuals a kind of nightmare.

In some of the individuals, it also causes the various types of sex problems. This is usually accredited to the fact that this medication affects the pituitary gland, affecting the flow of the sex hormones in the body.

These were the problems which most of the people face at the starting phase of this drug. It begins with the problems like itching in the head and the skin, as well as a sort of depression among these people. However, as soon as the drug effect becomes more active, the problems also become more profound.

Some of the effects of this profound drug are such that they become a very painful situation. The problems sometimes lead to a situation where people start committing suicide. Well, that’s the nadir of the problem, and such situations are not common. The problems are still very harmful. These problems may include:

  • Discontinuation syndrome
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Depression
  • Suicide

Discontinuation syndrome is a type of problem that is a very common aspect of this phase. In this syndrome, people become more dizzy, and the headache persists in their head for a long time. They become negative and depressed; they start becoming a negative person and become pessimistic toward life. Some typical symptoms of the syndrome are flu-like symptoms, insomnia, nausea, imbalance, sensory disturbances, and hyper arousal, which is caused while having sex, causing the reaching of the orgasm at an earlier time.

This is one such problem which can ruin the sexual life of a person. In the sexual dysfunction, several problems result to the sexual dissatisfaction. It includes the loss of libido, the sexual drive, or the sexual urge within a person. Also, it paves the way to anorgasmia, which is the failure or inability to achieve orgasm while having sex. There are several other problems, like lack of vaginal lubrication, erectile dysfunction, and the others.

This can be called the zenith of the side effects to us. It has been found that with the increasing cases of suicides, the reason behind them is the negativity which gets perceived in the person. The cases are increasing due to the anti- depressants, which are being widely used by the people nowadays. This drug has given its substantial share in the cases. The drugs affect the thinking process of the brain and slow down the utility of brain. As a result of which people become more and more pessimistic, and they start committing suicide.

Factors influencing side effects

Prozac is an anti-depressant which is used to give relief. This anti-depressant is usually taken in the body to remove the problem of stress and other kinds of problems. They are also very much useful in the post-operatic surgeries where the pain becomes unbearable.

As soon as they come across the body, they start creating problems in the body. These problems are the side effects of Prozac. The problem of the side effects is caused by the heavy dosage and various other factors. Other factors include:

  • Dosage
  • Individual factors
  • Time span
  • Age
  • Personal health
  • Individual immunity

One of the most common influential factors of the Prozac anti-depressant side effect is the dosage. The dosage of the Prozac drug determines the effect of this drug over the body. Some people get this drug over the body with a heavy dosage to get instant relief over the pain, and such conditions lead to the situations where the body starts behaving to counteract the drug.

It starts creating problems in the body, and many other problems are caused due to the heavy dosage. Sometimes people lose their lives, just because of the heavy dosage of this drug. The people who get only the required amounts of dosage in the body have less propensity to the side effects of this drug.

There are also various individual factors that influence the side effects of this drug. The drug basically provides the relief from the stress and other kinds of post-operatic pains in the body, and in some cases they provide side effects to the drug.

These individual factors can be any which can range from the individual immunity to the changes in the nature of a person. Those persons who have a very good immunity and other factors are less prone to the side effects of the drug, while those not having these qualities are affected much by the side effects of the drug.

In some cases, the side effect of the drug is dependent on the time span of the intake of the drug. In some of the people, it affects them more, and in some, they won’t get affected much by the side effects of the drug.

It has been found from a study that the people who are taking the drug over a period of month or on a monthly basis are found to be affected most by the drug’s side effects. On the other hand, the people who take the drug on a weekly basis are not affected much by the drug. Therefore, it can be inferred that time span can be an influential factor of the side effects of the drug in the body.

In some people, the side effects of the drug get more profound with the factor of age. This factor is also responsible in affecting the side effects over the body. The drug is an anti-depressant, which is known for relieving the tensions and stress and other kinds of post-operatic pains in the body.

Those persons who have age in their 30s to 60s are found to be highly affected by the side effects of this drug. On the other hand, people in their early 20s are not affected by the drug’s side effects as often. The reason can be acquired from the fact that the structure of the young people is full of energy and hence not much affected by the side effects.

At times, the personal health of a person is also responsible for the side effects on the body. Those people who have a good physique are not affected much by the side effects, as they already have that level to cope with the external changes in the body. However, in the people who don’t have good health, the side effects may be profound.

Prozac: cost-benefit analysis

Prozac is very much beneficial in removing the post-operatic pain in the body and relieving stress. It has several side effects on the body, but these side effects may not outweigh the benefits of this drug. The drug is useful, especially when the correct dose is administered.