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5 Tips on Living with Erectile Dysfunction

5 Tips on Living with Erectile Dysfunction

5 Tips on Living with Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a condition that not only causes physical problems but psychological ones too. It leads to strain in relationships and even break-ups in marriages. Both sexual partners are emotionally affected.

There are means which you can use to manage your erectile dysfunction problems if you have been infected. You will also require a lot of support especially from your partner as some of the ways may involve both parties. This is important because it helps the man cope with the condition better.

1. Exercise Regularly

Exercise helps keep the body healthy, improving the body's functions. Atherosclerosis, which causes erectile dysfunction, results from high levels of cholesterol in the body. Exercise helps burn these excess fats and thus reduces the risk of contracting the disease and worsening the erectile dysfunction problem.

2. Avoid Smoking and Binge Drinking

Smoking can cause chronic conditions such as atherosclerosis or cardiovascular diseases. These problems can make your ED situation worse. It is advised to avoid it complete. Alcohol is also associated with medical problems such as liver cirrhosis and various blood vessel complications. If this occurs, erection difficulties may become severe.

3. Eat Healthy Well Balanced Diets

It is extremely important that you maintain a healthy lifestyle regarding what you eat when you have erectile dysfunction. Avoid foods with high cholesterol, as these may cause atherosclerosis.
Keep your weight in check. Being overweight can cause obesity, which is associated with ED. This can make your condition worse.

4. Have Regular Visits to The Hospital

Always ensure you visit your doctor for check-ups on your progress. If any problems arise, consult your healthcare expert for advice and further tests. Being in constant communication with your doctor also keeps the window of possibilities of other treatments open.
If any new way of treating erectile dysfunction comes up, your doctor will inform you and together you can review whether the treatment is suitable for you.

5. Attend Counseling Sessions

Counseling sessions will help you understand and accept yourself the way you are. It is also a platform where you get a chance to express your concerns and thoughts about how you feel. This helps improve communication between partners.

It is important that you talk to your partner and tell them of your condition once it has been diagnosed. Avoid comparing your sexual life to that of others as it may result in under appreciation of the self.

Aside from the tips listed above, you can also improve your health condition by avoiding stress and consulting your doctor to see if it is possible to rid yourself of medication that causes ED.

The Bottom Line

Erectile dysfunction is a problem that can be managed easily. It can lead to low self-esteem and psychological problems such as stress and anxiety in men. Support - especially from loved ones - is paramount in helping affected patients cope with the problem. Patients should always tell their partners their problem instead of hiding it. Therapy sessions can help ease things between couples and it is therefore advisable that they attend.