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What Is Blue Balls and How to Get Rid of It

What Is Blue Balls and How to Get Rid of It

Key Takeaways

  • Young men who indulge in sexual activities for a longer time suffer from blue balls.
  • Painful "blue balls" is similar to a cramp-like pain in and around the lower abdomen.
  • If a man is looking for an immediate relief, then the only option left is to have ejaculation by masturbation or with the help of genital stimulation that can result in an early orgasm and ejaculation.

"Blue balls" is one of the most common health issues seen among young men who indulge in heavy sexual activities. It is the most uncomfortable situation for a man who tries to find immediate relief.

"Blue balls", as it is called, is one of the slang terms used for vasocongestion in the testicles. It is a form of testicular pain where the testicles do not appear blue, but due to the increased blood supply, the trapped area by constriction gets venous blood vessels with a bluish discoloration. Although it is a common form of male genital problem, it does not happen to all young men.

Symptoms During Sexual Activity

Blue balls is naturally common among men. It is usually accompanied by pain, which can either be mild or severe.

The following takes place when a man gets sexually aroused:

  • When a man gets sexually aroused, the parasympathetic nervous system gets activated, which causes an increased flow of blood along with lymphatic fluids around the lower middle portion of the body.
  • The muscles get stretched and the fluid outflow constricts, which increases the concentration of the fluid.
  • The blood pressure around the regional area increases causing an erection for a longer time, which is part of the sexual activity.
  • The testicles get harder and their size slowly increases by 25-50 percent.
  • The testicles remain hard, but the moment man reaches his orgasm and ejaculates, the constricted muscles relax and flows out the additional fluids completely. The testicles then return to their normal size. 

Causes of Blue Balls

When a man's sexual arousal gets prolonged and he cannot ejaculate, then the pressure keeps building over the lower abdominal part of the body. The bodily fluids start flowing continuously causing congestion in the testicles and also in the prostate region. The blood gets deprived of oxygen and starts turning bluish. Hence, the term "blue balls".

Process of Vasocongestion

The medical term for blue balls is called vasocongestion, which is similar to the cramp-like pain in the lower abdomen. The lower abdomen gets the lingering sensation of getting heavier and a feeling of discomfort around the lower middle portion of the body. The problem is somewhat similar to women having pain in their lower abdomen called "pink ovaries" or "pelvic congestion".                   

Treatment for Blue Balls

Blue balls or vasocongestion can be very painful when it happens. However, it does not cause any type of physical harm to the person either for shorter or longer terms. The condition is not contagious nor considered as an infectious disease. When a man experiences it, it can be extremely uncomfortable. But certainly, it is not a life-threatening condition or a medical emergency.

The pain takes time to subside. Sometimes, it takes 30-40 minutes to one hour to overcome the painful situation. If a man is looking for an immediate relief, then the only option left is to have ejaculation by masturbation or with the help of genital stimulation that can result in an early orgasm and ejaculation.

The entire process is based on the parasympathetic nervous system, which slowly reduces the flow of blood through the genital area and dissipates fluid buildup.

Blue balls is painful but is not considered as a serious health condition. However, if the condition remains painful for a longer time and if the pain is severe, then it is better to consult a doctor to be certain about the cause and nature of the pain.

Most Common Sexual Issue

Generally, young men who indulge in sexual activities for a longer time suffer from such painful and uncomfortable situations. When a man is busy for about 40–50 minutes in a sexual activity, his testicles remain erect for a longer time without having any relief. The lower portion of the testicles starts aching, which becomes very uncomfortable. 

Blue balls is a part of a prolonged state of sexual arousal. Normally, when a man is sexually aroused, an increase in the flow of blood in his genitals happens, which then gives him an erection. However, if he does not ejaculate, then the sexual process gets prolonged and starts building pressure in his lower abdomen.

The painful sensation may intensify. First, it would be mild, but later may get severe. The testicles start to hurt and swell due to the increase in the flow of blood for a longer time. Sometimes, the pain is so intense that it can be worse than getting a kick in the crotch.

The problem of blue balls can be resolved, but sometimes, it takes time. The best way to reduce the pain is to masturbate and try to ejaculate. Sometimes, even ejaculation causes congestion in the testicles, but sooner, the pain will subside. In the case of over masturbation, a man has to wait for a while and stop masturbating until the flow of blood gets reduced and the pain completely disappears.

Most men experience blue balls during excessive sexual activity. The problem of blue balls is common among young men during intense sexual behavior. The aching sensation in the testicles is not a serious health issue, but is a part of the sexual life of every young man.

Testicular Aching

Another term for blue balls is testicular aching. It mainly occurs when the male genital organ gets stimulated with an increased flow of blood.

  • The blood fills in the vessels of the male sexual organ and can become painful when the sexual process gets prolonged. The sexual activity mainly depends on the orgasm and ejaculation, which help in reducing the pain.
  • During sexual activity, when a young man gets sexually excited, the arteries that carry the blood in and around the genital area and the veins get more constricted while carrying blood from the genital area compared with the veins in the non-aroused state.
  • The uneven blood supplied traps the blood in the two chambers of the penis. It results in making the penis erect. The increase in blood supply to the abdominal area around testicles and the trapping of blood inside the testicles decreases the cause of vasocongestion or engorgement of the testicles. It helps in increasing the size of the testicles by 25-50 percent. The severe swelling of the testicles becomes painful adding to the discomforts, leading to what is referred to as blue balls.

When a man gets aroused, reaches an orgasm, and ejaculates, the flow of blood to his genital area becomes normal. The testicles also return to their normal size and offer complete relief to the person in action.

The problem of blue balls generally starts only when ejaculation does occur within the time limit and when the sexual activity gets prolonged. It causes a lingering sensation, aching feeling, and a discomfort in the penis and scrotum. A failure to ejaculate leads to severe pain due to high blood pressure in the lower abdomen due to continued vasocongestion.

Reasons Behind Blue Balls

The condition of blue balls does not last long. It gets under control within a short time after an ejaculation. Generally, it is caused by failure to ejaculate on time, which can build frustration and disappointments. The frustrations can lead to a man's helplessness, which creates unnecessary pressure to the sexual organ.

The preventable situation becomes more intense when a man starts getting pain in his lower abdomen. If the pressure continuously builds up, then naturally, the flow of blood increases and the vessels get constricted. One has to relax under such situation, but due to sexual desires, the situation becomes difficult to control. Prolonged erection starts hurting and the flow of blood turns bluish in color.

Most men find masturbation as the most viable solution to help reduce the pain and divert their attention from the painful situation. It also helps in reaching the desired result, which not only offers the feeling of satisfaction but also helps in ejaculating faster without any difficulty. But surely, it is not a long-term sexual health problem and men who suffer from it starts understanding the situation since it is one of the most common sexually related state, which every young man goes through.

Painful Sexual Situation                          

Painful sexual situations are common and men and their partners have to show patience during such situations. One has to remain relaxed even when pain is felt. The more a person starts responding to the uncomfortable sensations, then the pain gets severe. So one should remain calm and try diverting his mind away or be playful with his partner and handle the pain with understanding.

One should try to find pleasure while handling the pain by trying to ejaculate sooner. It brings the male organ free from pressure and returns back to its normal size. It helps in reducing the unwanted blood supply to the male organ. Men should also learn how to show women with confidence during such situations. It helps to overcome the severity of the pain in a short time.

Men and their partners must learn to enjoy their sexual activities with or without ejaculation. Ejaculation is a part of sexual activity, which increases the excitement and pleasure during love making. Most men who think that ejaculation is necessary during any sexual activity are unnecessarily putting their partners under pressure without understanding their partner’s feelings.

Men should completely understand women and their ways of having sex to make their sexual activity more enjoyable. Both men and women should learn to enjoy sexual life without having to reach for ejaculation and orgasm while having sexual encounters.

Common Sexual Issue Among Men and Women

The problems that men face during prolonged sexual activities are also common with women, too. Men are not alone to have such sexual issues because women have a similar kind of sexual problem called as "pink ovaries" or "pelvic congestion". Thus, the discomfort of unrelieved vasocongestion occurs in both sexually active men and women.

During sexual arousal, a woman's genitalia is activated with the increased flow of blood similar to what happens when a man is aroused. Women may feel heaviness in and around the pelvic area if they do not reach an orgasm. The area around the pelvis gets an aching sensation with mild pain if the situation is prolonged for a while during any sexual activity. Women need to reach to an orgasm to achieve relief.

How to handle blue balls

  • Men should always talk to their partners about blue balls, which is a common condition felt during any sexual activity.
  • Always show your partner with confidence to avoid creating unnecessary doubts and misunderstandings.
  • The partner, while engaged in sexual activities, can help in avoiding such painful situations by offering emotional support and attention with care.
  • One should lie down when the pain persists. Slowly massage the genitals to create a calming and relaxing effect.
  • Even taking a hot water bath is very helpful. It reduces the pain and brings the flow of blood back to normal.
  • Never lift heavy objects, which might increase pain in the abdomen and its surrounding area.
  • To avoid experiencing blue balls, both partners should understand each other well. It is good to be sensitive enough to your partner while engaging in sexual activities.
  • When you understand and follow the needs of each other, then such painful condition can be easily avoided without much difficulty.