Facts About Autism

Facts about Autism

Autism affects both boys and girls

Autism affects one out of every 42 boys in America, and in total, 1 in 52 children in America is diagnosed with autism. As the disease is growing globally, it is important to know that treating the disease can be costly, both financially and emotionally. 


When it comes to autism diagnosis, there is no image detection and no blood test or scan available that could detect the disease. This disease can only be detected by carefully observing the behavior of the person. The doctor may rule out other diseases and conditions before he or she comes to a conclusion that the child has autism.

Autism patients have unique abilities

Children who suffer from autism are said to have unique abilities, especially related to the arts and technology. There are patients with autism who have been able to overcome other obstacles. Well-known examples of people who are believed to have suffered from autism include Albert Einstein, Sir Isaac Newton, and Bill Gates. Patients can be oversensitive, and can sometimes lack the qualities that make a person social. The over-sensitivity can also affect social activeness, as the person may be afraid of the reactions of other people towards him or her.

Is a cure available?

No known cure for autism has been discovered. If diagnosed early and with proper treatment, an autistic child can improve tremendously. In addition to this, the patient could be helped by practicing social activities, which could bring in positive energy to the affected child, but also to the entire family. 

Autism facts

Resource allocation for research

As autism is a disease that affects the person from childhood, usually diagnosed around between the ages of two years old and three years old, a lot resources must be utilized in order to find a cure and help future generations, due to the fact that its signs and symptoms can appear at any time.

When you choose an autism research society to support, make sure that your contributions are going toward research and discovery, rather than promotion. 

Fighting autism

The best way to fight autism is education. Learn everything you can about the disease to best help your loved ones.