Psychologist Questions Depression

Are feelings like depression and jealousy normal or do they need to be treated?

I am undergoing severely negative emotions like jealousy and depression. These feelings are somehow not in my control and crop up naturally. Is it normal or do I need treatment? Are there ways in which I could manage my negative emotions in a better way?

8 Answers

Jealosy and depressive feelings are part of the range of feelings we can experience. In regards to seeking treatment, it would be dependent upon how much distress these feelings produce. If it is high or not controllable, I would suggest psychotherapy, i.e., talk therapy. There are many ways to treat such feelings.
Being sad or depressed or jealous are not necessarily abnormal behaviors. If they become pronounced and continue then they should be treated.
Hello - the words I notice are "undergoing" and "severe." These words infer that these feelings, in their intensity, are not normal for YOU. So, as doctors often say about pain symptoms, say a headache, if common for you, don’t worry. If rare for you, or more intense than is common for you, consult your doctor.

So, consider the question, and if it is not common for you, consult your mental health person, or your PCP. Glad you asked!


Yes. Jealousy is a normal and common human emotion. As long as you recognize it and have insight to it, you are healthy. It's people who feel jealousy, but don't recognize it, and act to sabotage the person they are jealous of. It sounds like you are alright- a bit down, but okay.
Many people suffer from depression, and negative thoughts and feelings accompany depression. The good news is that depression can be treated. I strongly suggest that you seek treatment so you can rid yourself of your negative feelings.
See a psychologist, not a licensed counselor or psychiatrist.
Depends on how strong they are. Seeing a therapist can always help a little or a lot. It’s like getting a tune up on your automobile.
I doubt that those feelings are coming from nowhere. Our emotions are always linked to our thinking. To whom or what is your jealousy directed? What life circumstances and people are these emotions related to in your life? These are issues a counselor can help you work through. Those types of feelings can be normal, however, we should understand where they come from and they certainly aren't healthy to keep around. A counselor can help you learn to sort through those feelings and learn alternative ways of managing negative emotion.