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Can I drink coffee after a filling?

I had a filling today morning. I want to drink coffee. Can I drink coffee after a filling?

3 Answers

You can drink coffee after a filling but it is a good idea to wait for local anesthetic or "dental freezing" to wear off first.

The heat from the coffee may cause some sensitivity with any treated tooth for a few days to a week post-treatment. After any filling (even shallow ones), your tooth's nerve is in an irritated state (this is called "reversible pulpitis" and means reversible inflammation of your dental pulp or nerve). This can lead to mild to severe temperature sensitivity that will typically resolve after a few days.

So, while you can drink coffee after post-treatment numbness wears off, it might "zing" you for a few days.
Can You Drink Coffee After Filling? As a general rule, you should avoid hot or cold food and drinks immediately after getting a filling. This is because doing so may result in unwanted contraction or expansion of the tooth or the restoration - and may cause the restoration to get fractured or dislodged.
It is best not to eat and drink anything until the numbness wears off after the dental procedure.