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Can I use chlorhexidine after implant?

I will get a dental implant. Can I use chlorhexidine after implant?

12 Answers

Many times, an oral surgeon will recommend a Chlorahexidine rinse to reduce the bacteria during the early healing phase of a recently placed implant.
yes and it's recommended during the healing period
Infection control is essential after implant surgery. Rinsing with chlorhexidine can decrease the bacterial load in your mouth. Rinsing for twice a day for a week post surgery can be beneficial post implant surgery.
Yes you can. Chlorhexidine will help promote your gun health however regular usage can discolor your natural teeth.
Chlorhexidine is not indicated after an implant placement because it inhibits fibroblast formation. Fibroblasts are in your gums, so therefore if you use chlorhexidine, your gums will heal slower.
It helps to improve your oral hygiene condition if you use chlorohexidine after implant but it is not recommended to use more than a week since it may stain your teeth
Absolutely, yes.
Yes, but be aware that there may be some staining of teeth.
Yes, you sure can. In fact, chlorhexidine will help reduce the amount of oral bacteria present which will ultimately result in better healing of the dental implant.
Yes no problem.
Even though it is a great antibacterial mouth rinse to prevent oral infection. Recent studies have shown Chlorhexidine to cause delayed wound healing after extensive and aggressive use of it.