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Can a chiropractor help to align my back?

My back has developed a curve and has almost sunk inside. Can a chiropractor help in aligning it?

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You should have a complete examination including x-rays to determine the cause of the malalignment. It is possible to correct alignment issues depending on how severe it is. Seek the help of a Chiropractor, Orthopedic, physical therapist or a combination of these types of health providers
Yes they can. Chiropractors are experts at aligning the spine.
Chiropractic has helped with many spinal conditions. The best thing to do is to consult one to see if your condition can be helped.
Yes! Chiropractic physicians specialize in the alignment of the spine. Depending on the cause, severity, and chronicity (how long this has been going on for you), regular chiropractic care should be able to improve this curve. Regardless, chiropractic treatments regularly help with the discomfort or pain that curves often cause, helping you to manage better and enjoy your life!
Chiropractic treatment can help for lordosis (excessive inward curvature of spine) as well as kyphosis (excessive outward curvature).
It depends on the cause of the misalignment: it may be caused my a misaligned vertebra or pelvis. In that case chiropractic can help. But it can be from other causes such as compression fracture of a vertebra because of osteoporosis. In that case, there is nothing chiropractic can do to help realign the spine.
Along with some adjusting, a Chiropractor may instruct you with additional strengthening exercises to help you on your way to recovery.
Yes a corrective based Chiropractor can absolutely help with this. If you're in NJ we would be happy to help you. If not please reach out to our office at 201-265-0555 and let my team know your location and we will help you find one.
They are the experts in posture correction if the Chiropractor has had the right training
One would have to ask you more than a few other questions, but the simple answer is yes. To the extent of the aligning, that would depend on exactly what you would be entering their office with.
Yes. That’s exactly what chiropractors do, align your spine.

Dr. Caitlin Zietz, B.Sc., D.C.
Yes. Recommend X-rays to start. Suggest you find a doc in your area.

Dr. Q. Williams
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Everyone is different and you need to be examined, but postural and structural correction is definitely something that chiropractic excels in. Check to make sure they do structural correction and not just pain relief, which is another thing that chiropractors excel in.

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Dr. Steven Moon
Yes they can.
The sunken in curve you’re referring to sounds like kyphoscoliosis, which is scoliosis with a kyphosis component. This is a more advanced form of scoliosis and needs to be properly managed, but chiropractics can definitely help!
Yes, a chiropractor can help. Possibly with straightening the curve slightly, but definitely with stopping the progression of the curve.
Without knowing more about your history and without an X-ray, it would be difficult to give you a definitive answer. Generally, there are some curvatures that can be improved with chiropractic treatment. I have helped many patients with scoliosis, but it takes persistence and commitment.