Dermapathologist Questions Moles

Can a mole be indicative of skin cancer?

Are moles a sign of skin cancer? I have a mole on my scalp that I just noticed the other day.

4 Answers

Any suspicious looking or new onset mole should be checked by a board certified physician to make sure it is benign.
Absolutely, especially if the mole is changing. That said, the vast majority of moles are not cancerous and never will turn into skin cancer.

Stephen Schleicherde
Moles are made of pigment producing cells called melanocytes. Moles may be completely benign or if a more turns into cancer it can be a melanoma which is a serious form of skin cancer. If a mole becomes irregular in size color border or bleeds or changes quickly it needs to be evaluated and possibly biopsied by a board certified dermatologist
it depends if it looks abnormal, such as several lumps in it, a change in color, and growing in size rather quickly. If unsure, always have a dermatologist look at it.