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Can a pinched nerve affect the whole body?

I am a 49 year old female. I wonder if a pinched nerve can affect the whole body?

4 Answers

Normally, no. Diffuse symptoms are normally from a Rheumatologic disease, Lyme disease or autoimmune disease.
No. In fact, a "pinched nerve" may cause symptoms -- pain, weakness, numbness, tingling -- in the area of the body supplied by the nerve (i.e., arm, leg, fingers, or toes). But there can be MULTIPLE "pinched nerves" that can cause more diffuse symptoms -- but again, only in the anatomic areas supplied by the involved nerves.
Depending on where your nerve is pinched, it could affect your whole body. Otherwise, the stress from pain of having a pinched nerve can affect your whole body.
Probably not, although a pinched SPINAL CORD in the neck can affect MOST of the body. Having said that, a "pinched nerve" can have secondary effects such as compensatory positioning, headaches, and other reflexive adjustments that can effect other parts of the body.