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Can a psychologist help with panic attacks?

I am a 14 year old female and I am having panic attacks lately. Can a psychologist help with panic attacks?

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Yes, they can and do.
Sorry about the panic attacks, first make sure there are no underline medical conditions. Such as Thyroid or anything else that can cause panic attacks. If not, then generally a Psychologist or any trained therapist should be able to assist in treating a panic attack. Unless if you need medications, then a psychiatrist would be your best choice. But try the therapy first. Good luck, you can do it!
Yes, a psychologist would understand the causes of “panic attacks” which fall under anxiety disorders. However, you would be best served by doing some simple research when looking for a therapist to help you. Most health insurance policies have a telephone number which specifically puts you in contact with their mental health line. When you call this number give your identifying policy information and ask for a psychologist who specifically specializes in anxiety disorders. You might also specify you are also looking for a therapist who works specifically with children or young adults. Remember, most anxiety disorders are manageable with time and the appropriate treatment.

All the best.
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