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Can a root canal save a tooth?

I have a tooth abscess. Can a root canal save a tooth?

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A tooth abscess is the result of infection inside the root canal area infecting the area around the end of the root.
Root canal treatment removes the infection inside the canal and fills the canal.
Now the source of the abscess is gone, and it is up to the body to heal the abscess area.
Frequently an infection of the root canal is caused by a cavity extending deep into the canal and infecting it with bacteria from the mouth.
To prevent this problem, never allow a cavity to get that deep.
Or better yet never get another cavity.
The best information available on how to never get a cavity is found in the book:
It is available from Archway Publishing.
Thank you for your excellent question.
Yes. Removing the infection is the first step in healing the tooth. Root canal’s would be necessary if there is an abscess due to infection within the tooth. After the root canal it is recommended to have a crown placed over the tooth to strengthen the tooth. The crown would keep the tooth strong and this saving the tooth.
For the best outcome in saving the tooth you will have the root canal followed by a crown.
I do root canal therapy as well as the final crown at General and Cosmetic Dentistry of Tampa give us call for treatment if you are in the area.
yes gives the tooth a second chance, I would try.
If the endodontic disease is the sole cause of the abcess, the answer us yes.
In mocases, yes but not always. If there is a fracture or severe periodontal disease then extraction and implant may be a better option
In holistic world, we view a root canal as a temporary measure, not long term.
Root canal treated tooth is a dead tooth, not vital without blood supply, nerve supply nor lymphatic drainage.
Yes, it does save a tooth. The other alternative for an abscess is extraction.

Yes, Abscessed tooth is one of the reasons patient is recommended to have a Root canal treatment done as long as the tooth have structure enough to be restored.
yes, most certainly. A root canal will address infections/pain associated with any tooth.