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Can a tooth get infected under a bridge?

My dentist told me that the tooth under the dental bridge is infected. Can a tooth get infected under a bridge? What can I do?

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If there is previous various lesion left before the fabrication or there is deffect in the crown structure, or there is leakage under the crown
Yes. Decay will not get through the crown but it can get under it. Decay can also attack the root of the tooth. There are also many other ways a tooth without decay can become infected
Yes, crowns and bridges only protect the teeth from fracture and replace missing tooth structure. The margin of the crown/bridge (typically at the gumline) is vulnerable to decay which can lead to infections of the nerve. All natural teeth are also vulnerable to periodontal infections which involve the ligament around the tooth.
It's possible. Sounds like you might need a root canal. I would want to see it to be sure.
Yes that can happen. If the tooth is savable, it may need a root canal. An infected tooth under a bridge that isn't addressed can doom the whole bridge.
Yes, a tooth can get infected under a dental bridge. This tooth, which acts to retain or anchor the bridge can develop an abscess or infection if it becomes cracked or when a deep cavity forms, allowing bacteria to enter the tooth and eventually the jaws. Sometimes, root canal treatment is a viable option and this will allow your dentist to eliminate bacteria and infection from the interior of your tooth and nearby jaw bone. In other cases, the only way to resolve infection is to remove the offending tooth. In these cases, the bridge will be compromised by the loss of an anchoring tooth and you may need to pursue further restorative work to replace teeth.
Yes, a tooth can get infected under a bridge. It is important to stay up on your recall visits to your dental office. Also stay up on your full mouth set of x-rays so if it occurs it can be diagnosed early. It is also important to replace the bridge incase the infection is related to decay under the bridge. If you don't replace the crown or bridge it may continue to decay without the patient feeling it.
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Yes, a tooth can be infected under a bridge. A tooth that is connected to a bridge that is not cleaned properly will accumulate plaque and bacteria, which can lead to a cavity on that tooth or even both teeth that are used to connect the bridge. If this cavity progresses, it can lead to the tooth needing a root canal, which, if left untreated, will develop an infection at the end of the root. There are other reasons why a tooth can get an infection, for example, if a tooth is fractured, it can develop an infection as well.
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Yes, unfortunately a tooth can become infected under a bridge. If the tooth is savable, this would mean it needs a root canal. If there is also decay under the bridge, the entire bridge would need to be replaced. If there is no decay, your dentist or a specialist may be able to perform the root canal through the current bridge. Best of luck!
Yes a tooth can become infected under a bridge. Depending on the diagnoses or type of infection of the tooth (if it’s cavity under the bridge or if the root of the tooth is infected) the bridge is usually removed and the tooth/teeth under the bridge can be visualized and assessed more clearly. When the condition of the tooth/teeth have been diagnosed, treatment options can be determined. Once your dentist has determined the cause of infection, they can discuss the treatment options in order to treat the infection.
If the tooth hadn’t had a root canal yet, that’s probably what your dentist is talking about. Sometimes, the root canal can be done through the bridge. Occasionally, the bridge may have to be redone. There could also be a gum infection. If you have a swelling/abscess, you may be prescribed an antibiotic.
Yes, a tooth can get infected under a bridge. The issues can be a cavity at the margin of the crown on the tooth, a nerve being infected, a tooth being fractured, and/or gum disease. Depending on what's going on it might be a root canal thru the bridge, an extraction, or removal of the bridge or part of the bridge.

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Yes. May be decay or the tooth could need a root canal.
For sure a tooth under a bridge can get infected. There are always at least 2 teeth that anchor the bridge and are called abutment teeth. If these teeth did not previously have a root canal, then they were live teeth that can still have the nerve die and get infected. Once this is the case, the treatment options are generally to root canal treat the tooth or extract the tooth.