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Can acupuncture help reduce swelling?

My legs are swollen and I want to fix it. Can acupuncture help reduce swelling?

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Yes. Acupuncture with massage and herbs can reduce your swollen legs and pain. I suggest you try it.
Acupuncture and other therapies can help to reduce most swelling. It is important to find an acupuncturist that can help you to resolve this condition.
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1. Received, noted.
2. Can acupuncture help swollen legs, the answer is yes and no, because swollen legs have 5 differentiation. If the swelling is caused by heart, then most of the time it will not work.
3. Your best bet is talk to your acupuncturist, find out the diagnosis and ask him the same question.
4. If you shall have any questions, please feel free to call me at (562) 698-3008.

Yes...acupuncture can reduce swelling. It sounds like you have edema...I suggest that you see an acupuncturist to help you with this.


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Yes! Acupuncture is great for reducing swelling and helping regulate the
body at cellular levels for a healthier lifestyle & function. Check with
your primary to make sure alternative medicine would help for your
condition. - Live Happy, Michael
Most likely, yes; however, it really depends on the reason for the swollen legs. Acupuncturists always try to discover the root cause of the symptom, not just treat the symptom. If the diagnosis is correct, treatment will likely be effective. Your acupuncturist should obtain a detailed health history from you to help them make a plan.
yes, and it is better doing it with Chinese Herb together
Acupuncture can help with swelling, but it is important you first see your MD for this condition to gather more information on the cause of the swelling. Numerous factors can be involved with swelling from wrong or high doses of certain medications so ch as steroid drugs, infection, compromised kidney function, diabetes, etc. If your MD cannot help you first, acupuncture and herbs could be the next intervention that can help you. Dr. Miura
I am not an acupuncturist so I do not know.
Lymphatic massage worse better. Acupuncture will help some, too.
It depends on why your legs are swollen. I encourage you to book a session with your practitioner of choice to get help with relief.
Yes acupuncture can help reduce swelling and edema
Yes absolutely.
Yes definitely.
Depending on the cause of your legs swelling, Acupuncture can tonify and support different organ systems and could relieve lower extremity swelling.
I have seen it help with edema. But you may need to change your diet and lifestyle also. Most importantly, since you are thinking about doing acupuncture, do find a qualified and real acupuncturist! Anything less would be you not really trying this system of healing. Find a fully trained professional in Chinese medicine, possessing a master's degree AND 5+ years experience in this field. Medical Doctors, Osteopaths, Chiropractors, and even Physical Therapists (dry needling) are able to do what looks like acupuncture (but isn't) with a couple weekends of training or less. I would NOT let any of these inadequately trained people NEAR ME. :-)
Yes. Often moxa is used, also.
Yes, acupuncture treats swelling very well.
Whenever there is unusual swelling, it's always worthwhile to try to figure out what's causing it. Edema (fluid build up/swelling) in the low legs can have a few causes and heart failure is among the issues that needs to be ruled in/ruled out.

Acupuncture, and particularly moxibustion, can often help resolve swelling, but if there is an underlying heart issue that is left undiscovered or untreated the swelling is the least of your problems.

I'd suggest starting with your primary care physician to see if they can figure out why your legs are swelling. If more serious root causes are ruled out, then you can pay a visit to and use their 'Find a Practitioner' link to get some local, board certified acupuncturists who may be able to help.