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Can you get dental anesthesia for getting braces on?

I am a 21 year old female. I want to know can you get dental anesthesia for getting braces on?

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Not recommended.
Usually no dental anesthesia is used for applying braces. There will be discomWfort when you move teeth. Usually over the counter pain medication takes care of it. There are different methods that dentists use to straighten teeth. Whether an ALIGNER - clear one piece appliance or attachments placed on individual teeth are used, there will be some discomfort moving teeth. While placing the appliance or when a new ALIGNER is given, you may have some discomfort. While you are in the dentist's office, you may feel a tight pressure on certain teeth. As teeth are moving, bone is being broken down and bone is rebuilding in your jaw. This is done gradually.
If you are given instructions of things you should be doing, please follow them. Your doctor will provide you with instructions if you are having any discomfort while in the office or at home.
Yes, it is possible to have dental anesthetic with braces, but since most orthodontists don't use anesthetic on a regular basis you would have to check with the particular orthodontist as to whether they use it or not. Some general dentists do braces, and they would be more than capable of doing anesthetic but since Invisalign is a very useful orthodontic method, why not explore that and see if it would work for your particular situation?
You can, but no need.
Where did you get this idea? There is no drilling or pain during the procedure, it will be done in about an hour, more or less.
Having braces placed on your teeth is a painless procedure. You do not require anesthesia to have braces placed on your teeth.
You can but you really don’t need it. Not much discomfort when placing braces.