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Retainer fit?

The metal on my retainer got bent a bit and it wouldn’t fit. I made an appointment to get it fixed but I couldn’t get it for 5 days. Will it still fit once it’s fixed? I have worn it for about a year now by the way.

14 years old

3 Answers

Generally it's an easy fix and should fit fine. If I had a photo of it I could tell you more. If you don't wear it for a few days you should still be able to insert it, but it may be really tight for a short while until your teeth get used to it. They do drift slightly without it. Good luck!

Dr. Conrad
Since you've been wearing it for that long, it should be fine. However, I do recommend getting in to your dentist as soon as possible. If you go without it too long, it might not fit.

D. Waid, DMD
Your retainer will most likely still fit in five days if you have worn it faithfully for a year.

Dana Truesdale, DDS