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Colace use?

I have been using Colace 50 mg stool softener on and off during my pregnancy. Now I am not sure if it is safe or if it will cause harm to my baby.

Female | 33 years old

5 Answers

It’s no problem. Safe

Susan. Komorowski MD
It is safe to take in pregnancy.
Colace is safe during pregnancy. If you have constipation that is not relieved by colace you should consult with your physician.
It should not cause any harm. Constipation is not unusual during pregnancy. Fluids & fiber may help also.
Colace is very safe in pregnancy, and is routinely used for pregnancy induced constipation. 100% of the medication stays in the lumen of the bowel, and is excreted in the fecal stream. The maximum dose is 100mg twice daily.