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Could I be pregnant?

I'm deathly afraid I could be pregnant, I'm a 13 year old female. I just had my first period over a year ago now (2 months over a year) and they are still irregular. I just got off it but it was lighter than usual maybe a normal period for most but I usually have a pretty heavy flow and change my pad every 1-3 hours or so. This time I barely had to change it 4 times a day but had terrible cramps, as normal. So anyways, I share a bathroom with my brother, and it's a shower and tub in the bathroom so one day I was taking a bath and this was before I put soap or a bath bomb in but I noticed some floating sticky clear blob floating around the tub (I think it was at the surface). I think it could be sperm from my brother being in the shower but I'm not sure if it made its way into me. I have had periods since, I plan on not taking baths for a few months and just showers and wait till I have periods every month. I know that people that are pregnant don't have their periods so I wanna wait until it stopped and then go get a pregnancy test. I mean I'm 13 and really am terrified of being pregnant and am terrified of needles and IVs especially so I dont think I could give birth if I wanted to! I have really bad anxiety and don't want to wait to find out the possible hard way.

Female | 13 years old
Complaint duration: 4 months maybe
Medications: zantac
Conditions: i have bad anxiety, eating disorder, sleep insomnia and there is tachycardia in the family

5 Answers

Please see your family physician.
It is not possible to become pregnant from sperm floating in bath water. It is very normal for a young woman to have irregular periods. If you are really worried about your cycles you should speak with your doctor.
Let me assure you, you will not get pregnant this way. I am absolutely 100% positive, what you saw in the bathtub was not your brother's sperm. If it were that easy to get pregnant, there would have been a population explosion in the whole world. I think you are fine, however, having irregular cycles between 13-15 years of age is normal. But you do need to approach her gynecologist if you have cycles frequent, then 21 days or bleeding more than 7-9 days, heavy.

As long as you are having regular periods with cramping that last 3-4 days, you probably are not pregnant. Plus, sperm floating around in bath water is never going to get you pregnant. Don’t worry. I would recommend seeing a regular OBGYN and talk to them about your period cramps. They could also run a urine preg test - no needles!
Thanks for reaching out to us. Most women your age are too timid. Way to go.
I don’t think it is likely to be pregnant from what you described. Always be careful though. Cycles are commonly irregular when the 1st cycles start.