Cardiologist Questions Overweight

Could a big belly indicate a heart problem?

My husband is putting on weight around his belly region. Could this be indicative of a heart problem in the future? What precautions should we be taking?

5 Answers

Yes, there is a relationship between increasing abdominal girth and heart disease. Cutting out carbohydrates, drinking alcohol only 1-1.5 glasses of wine each time, eating light dinners, and exercising are some ways to attack it.
Abdominal obesity is associated with the metabolic syndrome of diabetes or insulin resistance, cholesterol abnormalities such as high triglycerides, and hypertension. It is of concern and is associated with cardiovascular problems. Your husband should be on a weight loss diet and should exercise regularly. He should see a doctor and have his blood pressure and cholesterol checked and get nutritional advice and whatever other work-up the doctor deems necessary. He should be checked for diabetes.
Obesity and development of diabetes and high blood pressure that are associated with obesity can put him at risk of development of coronary artery disease and heart attack. He should start exercising and losing weight and follow a healthier diet.
There is some correlation between abdominal obesity and risk of developing coronation artery disease. Risk of developing Diabetes mellitus may also increase causing even higher chance for developing coronary artery disease.
cosultatiln with a physician is recommended for adviice.