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Diarrhea from surgery?

I had a ruptured appendix and had it removed. After months of infections, a CT scan revealed I had a Fistula Infection (hole in my colon). I went back in for surgery...cut the infection out and reconnected the Colon in November of 1921. I still have diarrhea till this day and do not know how to stop it. I tried Immodium AD. It can only settle down with muscle relaxers. How long does this last and is their something to stop the churning and CONSTANT diarrhea?

Female | 62 years old

3 Answers

First, I would recommend a small bowel follow-through study, where you drink contrast, and xrays are taken. The reason being, if there is still a fistula, that could be source of persistent entero-colonic fistula. Typically, unless >50% of the colon is removed, patient's should not be experiencing long-term severe diarrhea.
Consult Functional Medicine and GI. This could be a Candida overgrowth as well. Radically change diet to organic, non-GMO, gluten-free Mediterranean diet.
Have you gone back to your surgeon? Have you been checked for c. Diff colitis?