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Do all cavities require root canals?

I have a cavity on my front tooth. I am afraid of a root canal. Do all cavities require root canals?

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Depends how long you wait until seeing a dentist. The more you delay, the deeper it gets and instead of being just a filling it can become a root canal treatment if close to the nerve.
No, if detected early usually a simple restoration can solve the problem. Remember, the longer you wait, the deeper the cavity gets and if not addressed, then a root canal becomes possible. I recommend addressing these issues right away for the least invasive procedures. Hope this helps, Dr. G.
Absolutely not. Most cavities only require simple fillings.

Scott M. Dubowsky, DMD
Definitely not. Only teeth with really deep cavities or bad cracks typically require root canals. It is best to have the cavity fixed soon rather than waiting for it to get so bad that it starts to hurt.
No, not all cavities/fillings require a root canal. Not all crowns require a root canal. If a root canal is necessary, a crown is required.
No. Only cavities that get close or into the nerve of the tooth require root canals. Your dentist should tell you if the cavity is large and if there is an increased risk of needing a root canal.
Of course not all cavities require root canal treatment however if neglected they will enter the nerve and blood supply and become infected and requiring root canal. if left too long the tooth will be hopeless and not saveable.
No, not at all. Not all cavities require root canals. Your oral hygiene is very important even after the dental work you get.