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Does a deep cavity require a root canal?

I am a 48 year old male. I want to know if a deep cavity requires a root canal?

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Not necessarily. Often any prior pain or swelling in the tooth is most likely going to result in the need for a root canal, but again the age of the individual, whether or not the decay resulted in entry into the pulp and tp what extent all play a role. Often in a younger person the tooth has a better ability to repair itself.
Not necessarily. If there are no symptoms of pain or troubling, I would open the tooth, clean the cavity, disinfect the tooth, if not going in the nerve by cleaning it, and fill the tooth or restore it as required. If it's too deep and too wide, you may need a crown. These days, we do not take the life away of any tooth just because it has a deep my clinic anyway.
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Hi. Great question! It depends how deep the cavity was, and how close it was to the nerve. If the decay was close to the nerve, it would have eventually become infected and needed a root canal anyway, but when prepping a cavity close to the nerve, it can essentially expedite the need for the root canal. Essentially, it would have needed a root canal anyway in the near future, but you wouldn’t haven’t know until it became infected.
Not all deep cavities require root canals. However, depending on how extensive the cavity is, and if it exposes the pulp, you could need either a root canal or extraction. I recommend that you follow up with your dentist for evaluation of the pulpal health.

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Dr. Stoddart
Not necessarily. Really, a root canal is done when a patient has a pain in a tooth that is severe and throbbing, usually at night. The longer you wait, the more likely you will need it, so see your dentist ASAP.

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