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Does acupuncture work for tendonitis hand?

I have hand tendonitis. Does acupuncture work for tendonitis hand?

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Yes. Massage with acupuncture and sometimes herbs can relieve your tendonitis hand gradually.
Yes acupuncture is very effective for tendinitis in any part of the body.
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Yes, absolutely. Meanwhile wearing braces will help.
Yes, acupuncture does work for tendonitis.
The answer is that some people notice improvement and some do not. There is no specific scientific evidence with regard to the benefit of acupuncture and tendonitis but there is very little downside. Good luck!
Tendonitis in the hand is very common these days due to overuse or repetitive movement like at the computer or phone or gamming. this can be referred to as Carpal Tunnel syndrome by your doctor. we can help increase blood flow to the area, relax the muscles with electrical stimulation, and use infrared therapy and herbs.
Yes, acupuncture can help with tendonitis. But anything "itis" means heat - like arthritis, bursitis, so ice will help. Try it twice a day for 10-20 minutes and see if it helps.
Usually, yes, acupuncture can help to improve tendonitis at any location on the body.