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Fatty hard tumor in buttocks?

I had an MRI in early March and the results said I had a fatty tumor. The fluid and the tumor are about 2 inches wide and about 5 inches long and very painful. I can not be led off because it will not support my weight and I weigh 132 and 5ft and I’m 58 and I’m in pain all the time.

Female | 58 years old
Complaint duration: I’m have had this pain since 2011
Conditions: I also was told I had hiv in dec42020 and been on meds and no longer tectable

4 Answers

If this is malignant fat tumor (liposarcoma), it can be treated with radiation therapy to slow the growth and relieve pain.
You need a core biopsy to figure out the tumor.

You have a common problem with a difficult, underlying condition. The pain syndrome has been ongoing for nine years and it would be good for you if a solution was found. I am not sure of your meaning of “led off.” I am presuming that your treatment for HIV was effective and that the virus is no longer detectable.
Take it out. General surgeon.