Rheumatologist Questions Fibromyalgia


What is the best pain relief for Fibromyalgia pain?

I have it all over my body was on amitriptyline. Didn't work for me... I also have insomnia so I am exhausted all the time

Female | 57 years old
Complaint duration: 15years
Medications: None
Conditions: Fibromyalgia,insomnia and osteoarthritis

3 Answers


I recommend daily aerobic exercise such as walking or swimming for fibromyalgia. I also prescribe low dose naltrexone as well as other medications such as lyrica and cymbalta for this problem.

Nichelle C Renk, MD
Duloxetine, Physical Therapy.....
Restorative sleep is the first step in the treatment of fibromyalgia. All pain is worse when we sleep poorly. Gabapentin in medium doses at bedtime can help, but it is essential to consider sleep apnea as a confounding factor. It is very common in my fibromyalgia patients. Talk with you doctor about the potential value of an overnight sleep study in a sleep lab to consider this possibility.