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Foot pain?

I do not what is wrong with my feet. Just about every night both my feet feel like someone has taken a 2-inch roll of masking tape and wrapped it around the middle of my foot right where the arch is. Do you have an answer to what it could be?

Female | 70 years old
Complaint duration: a few months
Conditions: high blood pressure , thryoid ,

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It can be a couple of things such as plantar fasciitis or a circulation issues. I would consult a medical professional to do X-rays and Doppler and nerve testing.
Probably neuropathy
When a patient tells me of tightness, especially in the evening, I always am concerned about the patient's circulation. It could be many other things, but I would start with an arterial ultrasound doppler to check for blood flow to the lower extremities.
Could be peripheral vascular disease or limb ischemia due to poor blood flow
Symptoms suggest neuropathy, which is more symptomatic at night. There is idiopathic neuropathy or neuropathy from medical causes. Diabetes, medications, and any things that break down into sugars may be a cause. Thyroid disease as well. You need a full work up and if necessary nerve conduction studies.
The symptoms you describe can have multiple causes. It sounds more nerve related. I recommend you see a foot and ankle surgeon(podiatrist) or discuss with your primary physician to determine the best course of action
There are many possible causes including tarsal tunnel, plantar fasciitis, inadequate circulation. You need an examination by a podiatrist to determine the cause.

Dr. Kathleen Neuhoff 

The most likely answer is there may be ‘neuropathy’ in your feet. Neuropathy means the nerves have changed their conduction and are sending ‘strange’ information or signals to your brain. In some cases, neuropathy burns, sometimes people say things like you’re saying, others complain of paresthesias, such as a feeling of bugs crawling on them, numbness, tingling and the problem is worse at night when you’re actually resting or in bed, and sometimes wakes you from sleep or stops you from getting to sleep. The best way to find out is to visit a podiatrist who can order a nerve conduction study through a referral to a neurologist. Alternatively, you may have tendinitis or arthritis, but to me, it sounds like neuropathy.
This could be a multitude of things. X-rays need to be taken, blood work done, and then you could be better evaluated.