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How does acupuncture increase blood flow?

I am a 49 year old female. I want to know how does acupuncture increase blood flow?

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Acupuncture combined with massage and herbs can move our Qi (Chi) and improve our blood circulation.
yes. I encourage you to book a session with your practitioner of choice to get help with relief.
Depend research
It helps with overall circulation and builds your immune system.
Acupuncture helps improve the circulatory system by stimulating acupoints along the energy pathways known as Meridians and pain points in the body by enhancing peripheral blood flow. Check out the following articles:" Nitric Oxide Signaling Molecules in Acupuncture Points: Toward Mechanisms of Acupuncture"

I need to know what's wrong with you first.
Inflammation for example prevents blood flow. Acupuncture decreases inflammation and with the help of physiological chemical agents, it will increase blood circulation into the tissues.

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Acupuncture treatment does increase blood flow, via tonifying the chi. In some other situations, a different method is needed, it all depends on the diagnosis. Therefore, please talk to your practitioner. If you shall have any questions, please feel free to call at (562) 698-3008.
Yes acupuncture is proven to help increase blood flow
Acupuncture improves circulation by increasing blood flow to areas of the body that are not receiving adequate flow.
Acupuncture increases blood flow in two main ways:

1. Regulating the flow of qi (energy). We understand that the qi is what moves the blood. So if your blood isn't moving, the qi must not be either. Once we can remove whatever is blocking the flow of qi, the blood will move as well.

2. Ensuring that you have enough blood in your body. Think of your blood vessles like a river. When the river is full of water, the water moves freely. When the river starts to dry up, water will pool in certain areas and be unable to move. If this is the case, we work to help build blood, filling the vessels again and increasing the flow.
By creating a micro laceration encourages the body to send blood oxygen and other neural chemicals to the area
If the arteries are blocked, acupuncture the Juque and Guanyuan points. Miraculous acupuncture point: Jueyinshu proved to increase coronary blood flow. Three needles of Qi and blood: acupuncture method for replenishing energy, which can cure all strange disease, all in the hand. Blood is blood and qi, the acupoints with sufficient blood supply to the brain are Tanzhong and Xuehai.
Qi moves blood, and that's what acupuncturists do - we move qi. So a good practitioner can help with that via many different methods - needling, cups, moxa, and gua sha, to name a few.
Through the use of tiny needle placed strategically along the body we create micro injury to the skin that not only increase flow and movement of blood and oxygen but also increases production of blood cells.
Among the many documented effects of acupuncture is its ability to stimulate endogenous production of nitrous oxide (NO). NO is a fairly potent vasodilator and this can account for a couple of acupuncture's effects: lowering blood pressure and increasing blood flow.