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How long does it take your Achilles tendon to heal?

I am a 29 year old male. I want to know how long does it take your Achilles tendon to heal?

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It all depends on if it is just inflammation versus partial or complete rupture of the tendon. If you are able to rest or immobilize with a cast or cast boot, it may relieve the tension on the tendon. If it is ruptured, whether partial or complete, may require a cast or surgery. Tendons in general heal very slowly. Give yourself at least 3 months for recovery.
Depends on the type of injury, i.e., rupture, if surgery is required, sprain, or many other types of pathologies affecting the Achilles. Recommend seeing a specialist.
This depends on what type of injury. A tear can take up to about 12 weeks. Sprains/strains may be less.
Achilles tendons can heal in a few weeks or they can take months. It depends on the severity of the initial injury or cause. On average, with treatment, 6 weeks.
It depends on what type of injury we are talking about. If it is a complete rupture then 6 months to a year after surgery.
Up to one year.
In answer to your question, the Achilles tendon takes a very long time to heal because it has a very poor blood supply. That is why it is important to rest it and limit vigorous running and heavy exercise activity until it is not tender upon direct pressure. Treatment includes physical therapy, deep cross friction massage, foot orthotics to take pressure off the Achilles tendon, the consistent wearing of running shoes or shoes with a slight heel elevation, ice, and gentle stretching. If you do any activity that causes pain, stop doing it. Also, walking or running uphill is the worst. Try to stay on level ground. It can take weeks to months to completely heal.
There is not an answer because we don’t know what happened to the achilles to begin with. Please check with your own physician. Most achilles do take a period of time to heal.

Dr. Gornan
It takes from 3-6 months, depends on the injury.
The answer depends on what is wrong with your tendon. Is it torn totally or do you have a partial tear? Or do you have a tendinitis? The worse case scenario is if you have a complete rupture of your tendon. This may or may not require surgical intervention. In either case you can count on a year or so. A tendinitis may take a couple of weeks to a couple of months typically
12 to 16 weeks
Depends on the injury to the Achilles’ tendon. A tear of the Achilles’ tendon is treated completely different than inflammation of the tendon, thus healing times are variable depending on the patient and the diagnosis.
Depending on the level of injury, if it's minor then bracing, strengthening will allow improvement in 6 weeks. If the injury is more severe, then longer depending on the presentation.
It really depends on what the injury is. If you have Achilles tendinitis, it may take several months of rest, immobilization, anti-inflammatory medications, and ice to alleviate the pain. If you have a rupture or require surgery to repair a damaged Achilles tendon, you are usually looking at a 3-4 month healing time, but it could be longer. Everything is dependent on what the cause of the problem is, and what the treatment is to be.
That depends to the extent of the injury. Most often an Achilles injury requires some degree of immobilization.
The Achilles tendon is a the strongest tendon in the body. Healing time can vary depending on the extent of injury and other contributing factors. I recommend you discuss the particular circumstances with a foot and ankle surgeon (podiatrist)
Normally 4-12 weeks. Obesity, delays healing, so weight loss to maintain BMI less than 27. Otherwise, consult Functional Medicine to optimize innate healing mechanisms. Also, consult Obesity Medicine if BMI greater than 27.