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Lump after laparoscopic inguinal hernia mesh repair?

I'm a 62-year-old male. I had bilateral direct inguinal hernia repairs using mesh with robotic surgery 3 weeks ago. I've had a lump on one side since about 4 days after the surgery. It's about 1.5 to 2 inches in diameter. It's located on the side where the larger hernia was. It is not tender, I have no fever, I feel great, and had what seemed like an easy recovery with minimal discomfort for just a few days post-op (now no pain at all). I am confident this is not a recurrence of the hernia.

If this is a seroma or a hematoma, how long should it last? Is there anything that would get rid of it quicker such as a heating pad? If it's still present at 6 weeks I will schedule a follow-up with my surgeon. Does that sound reasonable?

Male | 62 years old
Complaint duration: 3 weeks
Medications: N/A
Conditions: Post-op inguinal hernia

4 Answers

Discuss with Surgeon ASAP. May get an ultrasound of the mass.
Seromas or hematomas typically resolve in about 6-8 weeks. Less commonly, I have seen them resolve up to 6 months. If they persist longer than 6 months, they typically will not go away on their own. If it does not cause pain or discomfort, no further intervention is needed.
Could be a seroma or mesh or recurrence
This sounds completely normal and expected. Seromas after inguinal repair (especially larger ones) can take up to 8 months to completely resolve.