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How many implants are needed for an upper denture?

I am a 62 year old male. I want to know how many implants are needed for an upper denture?

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For upper at least 4 implants needed for an Over Denture (Denture over implants)! Thanks!

That all depends on what you want for a final result. You technically don't need implants for an upper complete denture. If you're looking for added retention, then two implants are a good option. This is a removable option, but the prosthesis will retain a lot better than with no implants. If you are looking for something non removable, then you need a minimum of four implants. You would most likely need bone reduction for this option as the prosthesis is thicker, but the the advantages include no coverage of the roof of your mouth and you can't remove it. This option is also the list costly.
Hope this helps.
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