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How often should you get a deep cleaning with implants?

I am a 30 year old male. I want to know how often should you get a deep cleaning with implants?

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Annual check up at the least or routine check ups and cleanings every 3-6 months!
Implant maintenance every 3 months.
A deep cleaning usually refers to a deep pocket between the tooth and the gum. For implants, if placed and healed correctly, should only need routine cleaning. If threads of the implant are showing or there is a deep pocket between the implant and gum, it is likely the implant has not integrated properly and would need extra attention.

There is no requirement for deep cleanings with implants unless you have severe periodontal disease, and in such case, the deep cleaning is done once every 3-5 years with regular Periodic prophylaxis every 4-6 months.
Normal cleaning is every 6 months. This is must. If you have inflamed gums or you have some pocketing, it's good to have a cleaning every 3 months. Most insurances only pay 2 cleanings in one year, so you can check with the insurance what covers. It's okay to have 6-month cleanings even with implants provided you are good in brushing, flossing, and your gums are healthy.

That depends on your specific teeth, surrounding tissue, bone, implants, and oral hygiene. It would be best to see a dentist for a comprehensive oral examination and see what they recommend after meeting with you. Most often, I have patients with implants return to the office every 3 months for maintenance, evaluation, and cleaning.
You don’t need to have a deep cleaning around implant unless you have deep pockets and the periodontist should determine if it’s needed
The frequency in which you should get a professional cleaning completely depends on your overall and periodontal health status. Everyone is different. Your dentist can and should evaluate your status and provide the best recommendation, whether it be every 3, 4, 6, or 12 months. Do not delay.
A deep cleaning should only be done once if proper home care and regular visits to your dentist.
The implanted crowns do not need deep cleanings often. Neighboring teeth should be cleaned and FLOSSED every day with a soft toothbrush. Your dentist will tell you if there is a problem that needs attention.