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How to get rid of mouth ulcers

I have sores in my mouth. They are small, round, yellow in color, and extremely painful. This happened to me a couple of years ago when I was run down but this time I dont' feel sick. I have had these now for about two weeks. What can I do to get rid of them. Are there any natural remedies?

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Sores in the mouth are often due to a Herpes virus.. If they develop on the lips, they would be considered cold sores. I recommended to my patients taking a vitamin B complex called L-Lysine 500 mg daily. I have taken them daily for over 50 years and do not get any cold sores (Herpes) any longer. This is an anti-virus vitamin.
I would recommend seeing your dentist. It needs to be diagnosed properly
to allow for the appropriate therapy modality. - Dr. Finkelstein,
Plantation, FL
these sores are common. They are called apthous ulcers and are self limiting. Kenalog in orabase is a prescription item that can be used to stop the pain and aid healing
That’s a really tough question, the best thing we could recommend is going to see a dentist as soon as possible.
This could be a herpetic virus episode. They usually run a course of two weeks without treatment. Most treatment is palliative and helps relieve the pain . You dentist can prescribe rinses to help. One thing you can get is over the counter children's Benadryl Elixir. Swish it 30 minutes before each meal, for one minute, and spit it out . Bo it again at bedtime and swallow it. This will aid in sleeping.
Apthous ulcers are a pain and can really hurt. We are not 100% sure of the cause and therefore treatment is limited. We do know that stress can bring them on (physical or emotional) but as you said, sometimes they seem to come on for no reason. We do know that Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (or SLS) can bring them on. SLS is the ingredient in tooth paste that makes it 'suds'. When I have a patient who has this problem frequently, I recommend finding a toothpaste without SLS. (Aquafresh for canker sores is one but can be hard to find). We also have a product called Debacterol in our office. Your dentist may have it. It doesn't treat the problem, but literally burns the sores off. Some patients love it because they are healing after that and some obviously don't. Hopefully, this will not become a regular problem for you. Usually minor apthous ulcers go away in 2 weeks.
If you have sores in your mouth for more than two weeks you should have a dentist or your physician evaluate those areas. Sores are common, sometimes they arise from a virus that lies dormant in your body and appear when you are run down. Other common sores are known as aphthous ulcers (canker sores) which can appear after trauma or be triggered by certain foods. Most last from 7-10 days. There are some prescription ointments or over the counter creams that are used to alleviate the discomfort but many times it just has to run its course.
It seems like you have a cankor sore either from spicy food, stresss, or can also be hormonal imbalance changes in your body. I would not rule out that this might also comes from herpetic lesion which mainly from HSV 1 virus. Usually stays dormant but will break out when body immune goes down or stress level increase. Before this small round yellow lesion occurs, if you detect a small round fluid blister at the affected areas that feel itchy and uncomfortable, you can place ice at the area. I understand these lesion can feel uncomfortable and it can take up to 1-2 weeks to resolve, however, if you can't tolerate rinsing with warm salt water or apply a prescription cream TAC 0.1% 3 times a day will speed up the healing process. Depends on the area of the lesion and if it takes much longer and is still not resolved, I would go to the dentist for a thorough exam. Thanks for your question.
Lasers can take the pain away instantly. They ll also heal quicker after laser treatment.
Rinsing with peroxide or listerine whitening rinse (which contains peroxide) is a natural way to reduce the discomfort. The mouth sores are viral and usually last for seven to ten days. They appear also when you are stressed or run down. The sores are in the herpetic family.
They usually only last a week, but if longer then you could be deficient in iron. You will need to see a GP to have a blood test. Also, see a dentist as there are different types of ulcers and some can be viral or due to autoimmune issues. They will be able to direct you, dental laser can improve comfort and healing. Best to use bonjela/difflam /gengigel and rinse with warm salt water after every meal to help too.
Mouth ulcers are usually caused by viruses or localized soft tissue trauma. As long as there isn't anything that is contributing to them staying around, they unfortunately have to run their course to heal on their own. Taking vitamin C, reducing salty and spicy foods, and using Kanka or Orajel (for pallative relief) can be helpful to make sure they heal quickly.

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A good way to reduce the irritation and promote fast healing is to rinse your mouth out/gargle with Peroxide. You should not dilute it with water. Rinse several times daily until the irritated area is gone. If the ulcer lasts longer than 14 days and your symptoms have not improved, consult your dentist. Remember, because it is peroxide, your mouth will foam for about a minute after you rinse. Only spit out the foam. Do not rinse out with water afterwards. Do not swallow the Peroxide!
It sounds like you may either have cancer sore or cold sores. Both present themselves in times of stress or when you are "run down". You can see your dentist or the physician for medication that can help alleviate the pain associated with either cold or canker sores.
These are called aphthous ulcers and the exact cause is unknown but is related to immunogenic systems. The first time you get them the there are more likely to be larger and sometime more in numbers. As your immunity builds up to these they aren't as bad usually. As they re occur they can come back in the same locations.
Many things can exacerbate them such as stress, acidic foods, trauma. and recent studies suggest vitamin deficiency ie. B 12, C, iron, folate.
There are various treatments, most are symptomatic relief. Anything over the counter with benzocaine will help with pain, Orabase,Cankaid ect.

Now, one of the best treatments is the use of a laser with will relieve pain and make the healing process much faster and is a simple procedure.