Proctologist Questions Hemorrhoids

How to prevent hemorrhoids?

I've had irritating hemorrhoids before and wasn't sure where they came from. I think I have a fairly normal diet and lifestyle (I am 28). What can I do to prevent this from happening?

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The only medical treatment for hemorrhoids is a high fiber diet.
A healthy lifestyle with a high-fiber diet and plenty of water are important in good gastrointestinal health and ultimately helps prevent hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids are a pressure-related phenomenon and so healthy bathroom habits are also important with limited time spent sitting on a toilet. That means no newspapers, magazines, or, these days, no cell phones/tablets in the bathroom.

Unfortunately, some people have jobs that require lots of lifting (which increases pressure) and, unfortunately, women have the added stress of pregnancy and labor that are unavoidable parts of life that can make hemorrhoids worse.
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Hemorrhoids are normal and everyone has them. They are what we call the blood vessels around the anus. Best preventative treatment is to control your bowel movements. Your bowel movements need to be soft, bulky, and non-straining. Adding some extra fiber and drinking 8-10 glasses of water will help. Furthermore, if you still have symptoms, any over-the-counter medications will help lubricate the anal canal and help shrink some of that tissue.